Thursday, April 10, 2014

More beans, soap, and one pie to make...... do you ever think of the lost?

I ended up canning, 8 peach and 3 huckleberry pie fillings yesterdat.  One of the peach got the last of the huckleberry dropped into it.  Wouldn't you know that would be the one that didn't seal so pie to make today.  I have decided I really hate the Walmart brand lids, they just under preform.  I am so glad that Belle, Lady and I got the opportunity to share a case of Ball lids.  They are truly so much better. I pressured 7 quarts of pintos beans, have more to do today.  I checked my pantry and out of the 25 lbs I made last year I only had 4 jars of various flavors left.  I actually have more of the garbanzo's left than the pintos.  I will be canning pinto's for most of the week to restock the shelves.  I have time to wait on the garbanzos it would seem, I really do have to be more proactive in making hummus and seeing that we use up the garbanzos.

I have soap to make, as I really need to make up more colored ones for examples for the class, I have oils infusing as we speak, I should make up more of those as well.  I really can't wait for the roses to bloom this year to make rose.  It is such an expensive essential oil that it will be a welcomed treat to be able to make it myself.  I am going to make a great big batch of soap in the mixer so I can control the speed of trace so I can color it more than one color to try and make swirled bars.  We as soapers can only plot, and plan, the probably out come. The end result is always a surprise, it either works as planed, fails or is a complete gloriously unexpected win. So today I experiment.

I often wonder about the lost that we encounter in our lives.  There are the ones that no one seems to be able to reach, who do not want or welcome any help of any kind from any one.  They are the ones that got lost along the way in their lives.  They held so much promises and due to circumstances they got off track, decided to become continuous victims and gave up.  I really don't believe that anyone is a complete victim over a life time.  I believe they are victims in some circumstances and they become life time victims of their own choosing.  Being a victim, in and of itself, does not make you a life long victim, it is a choice to become a life long victim.  I know that sounds harsh but think about it, we all face trials, tests and even disasters in our lives.  We either grow from them, and become stronger, or we are crushed by them and give up.  The giving up is really a choice, and in the end an excuse to become a life long victim.  God is always there to help you over come and grow in tests.  He hears the cry of "help" that surely must be the most prayed prayer there is.  He will help even the most hardened of souls when they cry out to him in desperation.  It is most often in that second that the lost understand that he is real and that he can begin to talk to their lost souls.

Think how many souls can be saved from that one cry of "help", but alas not all that cry out to the Lord follow his voice to salvation. The choice to walk away from God's call is a choice to stay lost.  The devil does a happy dance when that happens.  He loves the perpetual victims, that see them selves as lost, a victim and seek to stay in that sad state.  How many of the lost do you see every day, do you try to reach them?  Do you ever try again after their rebuke?  It is possible that they can be reached if only some one who loves them continues to try. That is a hardest thing to keep doing sometimes, but they are worth the trying, even if it is only you, that knows they are, as they have long since decided they are not worth the saving.  How sad to have given up  on one's self?  How sad to be in a place where the ones that love you, that may not even like the you that you have become, love you more than you love yourself.  I can not understand that point of being lost, as I have never been there, but sadly I have seen it so know that their are souls so lost.   I love some that are this lost and know not how to help them, I know that only the love of God, and his call to their soul is all the hope they have left, because they have so given up on themselves that man alone can not help them anymore.

If you are lost please listen, call out to the Lord that one last "help" he is awaiting your plea and will speak to your soul, there is never a place where God will not accept you if you but ask him to.  There is nothing you have done, or could do, that he will not know that you have seen his glory and that you really do want to become his child if you but ask.  Some of the most faithful of God's people in the Bible had done all of the most horrid things that mankind can do and God loved them and gave them his gift of salvation, God is love and his love can forgive any and all things to a repentant heart.  Call to God today, his forgiveness is real and is his salvation of your soul..... tomorrow. 

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