Tuesday, April 15, 2014

How does a nonscheduler seem to become so scheduled? Tomato Basil and Cupcakes??

I for the most part have been a nonscheduler for years and years.  We got one glorious together year between when we were the parents of three adult children and becoming new parents again.  We had fully embraced the non-scheduled life.  We went on vacation to Yellowstone, Lewis and Clark Caverns and to the Old prison.  We had just begun learning how to be a couple again, and then we chose to be parents anew.  It was not like a first time choice, though like the first time it was about love but it was a choice of different love and big changes, we new what it was like and knew the struggle but God had given us a choice that really had only one answer so we put away the couple dreams and became a family again.  WE did not however completely return to our youth, the mystery of new parenting was not all that new or without knowledge and trepidation of what could come.  We did not go out and buy a calendar or time clock, we had thrown them away and we not really subject to them so we felt no need to rebuy them at the time.  We lived with out them when are Littles came.  We taught them the freedom of being at peace with where you were and the you were not really a slave to time.  We did get one clock when they had to go to school, and still don't have a calendar.  We decide to know when we actually had to be some where so we could be there but the rest of the time we still don't live by someone else's schedule.  We let time just be as easy on our life's as it can be.

We are coming to have to be a slave to time much more as the girls grow, piano lessons, basketball and volleyball practices, tournament, Church, CAKLs, and Bountiful Baskets all make us more needful of scheduling.  We drag our feet at ever new must do and think with fondness on the time of no scheduling at all.  I have recently become a sub for the Library and that does add some scheduling but not that can't be fit in, though sometimes even I have an overlap of only being able to do one thing at a time.  Yesterday I had my two littles and couldn't go at a moments notice which is really odd for me.  I will be there two other days this week.  I have found this week will be a fully scheduled week, two days at the Library so I won't be able to go to Bible Study or CAKLs really, though I will be there but working, I have to go to a play tomorrow and have a conference for Bountiful Baskets, Thursday working, Friday Ortho, again I hope it is the last one with wires, but probably not, Saturday, Bountiful Baskets and Piano that was switched from Tuesday, potluck on Sunday, Oh, and Easter too.  So I am well and truly scheduled this week, not so much next week but let's let that be our little secret, or someone will surely fill it up.

I am going to be making Tomato Basil soap, as soon as I get a minute and some cupcake ones with piped icing.  Okay, I am a baker and a cook, so couldn't resist the temptation of combining my three loves, and who wouldn't want to set down to a meal of Tomato Basil Soap and Cupcakes for dessert, well sort of......  I have ducky's to unmold this morning, egg green tea calendula soap they be....

I pray that you have scheduled with the Lord your salvation and rsvped you invitation to Heaven.  He has sent out the invites in his Word, he clearly tells you in his Bible how to rsvp and accept his invitation to his salvation.  It is so easy to accept, BELIEVE, have FAITH and the rest is clearly written.  He awaits you as any loving FATHER, with open arms.... tomorrow. 

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