Sunday, March 30, 2014

Soap class was a success.... no one fears lye, and all went home with soap that they made themselves.

Yesterday was the day that I had worked forward to over a period of several months.  It was the day of the Basic Soap Making Class.  10 people came to participate in the class, one had only just read about it on the day of the class, all were welcomed and in the end I think they enjoyed the making of the soap. I gave them my prepared speech and hopefully shared some history and knowledge about soap.  Funny, in the first class I gave, it was more of a demonstration but in this class all got to make a 2lbish batches of soap.  The only thing I really did better in the first class was that I actually demonstrated how to make the soap before I let them fly out of the nest so to speak.  This time I forgot the example of showing before I got them to do.  I think in the end they all learned a lot but because of my mistake they were a little lost for awhile.  They did get to see several different examples of trace, and found that sometimes less than 10 seconds make the difference between thin trace and thick trace, and that sometimes it is a race to get the scent mixed in and the soap poured if the trace is thick. They then experienced sponification.  I think they got to see so many examples that making one batch at a time at home may not have afforded them.  To my knowledge all the soaps were traced and sponified.  We had various kinds of soap made, castile, coco castile blend, goat milk, and coconut milk so they got to at lease see other examples of soap they might make in the future.  I think some of them will be back for the second one, we will learn, coloring, exfoliation, working with different liquids, shells, teas, and infused oils.  All in all it was a wonderful turn out and all seemed to have a good time.  I do look forward to giving another basic soap class in the future, I think that the third time will be a charm.  Any one out there have a group of people wanting to learn just give me a call, oh, and one lady wants me to teach her to knit, so looking forward to that too. Oh, and the best news of all, not one of my protegees are afraid of lye, if they ever were.

This week is spring break and the Ladies are both sick, so I steeped them up some stay well tea that Flower Child makes.  I hope it helps them on the mend.  We had a nice day at Church and have a busy week planned, two trips to St. Ignatius.  One includes a stop at the ortho maybe to get the wires off.  Cubbie and I have a tea party to attended with Lady and her grandgirl.  The Ladies have piano on Monday and Friday they have basketball practice in preparation for a tourney next weekend, so all the days are covered. I would say that I am well and truly in the soccer-mom mode, but no one here even plays soccer.  I have to find a home in the laundry room for all the vestibule of  my class.  Pick out a rug to donated to Twins fireman's auction to deliver on Tuesday.  I am also going to be making my first vegetable soaps, this week, first one will be cucumber and then on to carrot.  Alas no blueberry, or being a Montanan, no Huckleberry, to much acid and I have found no one who has successfully made blueberry or huckleberry except for fragrance oil and actually blueberry seeds, and sparingly using them at best.  So, until I figure out a non-acidic fruit to try I will only be trying veggies, melons and who know what as long as it in non-acidic.

Well off for now, the Ladies and I are going to evening services later.  I pray for you salvation.  I pray that in a time of crisis, you reached out to the Lord and he as begins talking to you knowing you have a spark somewhere that in a time of need you sought him, and that your seeking of the Lord leads you to his word.  Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of the Lord, please follow the voice of God, he does call to those who seek him, and he will lead you to Salvation....tomorrow. 

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