Sunday, March 16, 2014

Potluck, Cubbie, and walk in the rain forest....... Bread to make, out of old grains yay!

We had great day at Church today, it was a very nice get together potluck day.  The theme was soup and salads, oh, and desserts. Where were wonderful soups and salad,  chowder, chicken stew, and chili.  The salads were Japanese slaw, taco salad, and broccoli coleslaw, buns, breads and corn bread rounded off the meal.  Chocolate cake, pies, and fruit soup.  All and all the ladies did themselves proud, but then we are never at a loss for food, we all like to cook and share in the abundance the Lord blesses us with.  Booboo and I had cooked pies and chili yesterday so no fuss this morning just wrap and take.  Cubbie got to go with us.  She was very good at Church, she had braids and was afraid they would make her hair curly and her dad would be grumpy.  Son does not like curls and when I had put them in Cubbies hair to surprise her mom he had be very mad about it.  I have no real idea why, they were very adorable and Cubbie was so proud of them.  I don't know but maybe the Church he was brought up in frowned on them.  Mokie told me I could put them in her hair as long as I brushed and wet them out before she came home.  I didn't bother today, and I even braided her hair dry so it wouldn't curl, but she was worried when it came time to go home, she didn't want him not to like her hair, so no curls.

We got home prepared to burn but it is way to windy so we girls decided to go on a walk.  Poppie didn't want to go, so we made plans to go without him but in the end he did.  We went on a round of the rain forest.  It is really just a circle at the bottom of the hill with railroad tracks and trees along the way but when the girls were little, 2 and 3, when we first went talking there they were sure it was like Dora's rain-forest so we have called it the rain-forest ever since.  Booboo predictable collected a shirt-full of rock, to put some where in the yard, you know those rocks just call to her and she can't seem to leave them behind.  It was a nice first walk and I am so ready to do daily or tri-weekly walks, I have not gotten to exercise for so long from watching grands that it is well and truly time for some me caring time.  I loved the walk and it was so nice that Poppie got to come, his leg doesn't allow him to come very often so it is a treat to have him join us.

I used up the last of my sourdough loaves so it is time to make bread, Yay, I get to use some of my new flours, going to let it sponge all night so it will be tomorrow before it is done.  I may make a loaf of spelt and a seperate loaf of kamut, I can't bring myself to choose between them.  Sourdough old grain bread here we come.  I think next time it will be a rye loaf and a 10 grain loaf.  I know I can't afford, yet, to make old grain breads for the farmers market but I can make it for our home and maybe specialty bread sometime for the farmers market.  I am hoping I can get spelt or kamut at the Amish store in large a quantity and then I could make it for the farmer's market as well.  But for now just us.

I am off the sponge.... I pray that your Lord's day was just that a day you took time to praise the Lord, I pray you know his love and set aside prayer time with him at least on Sundays but hopefully every day.  I know the Lord loves you and wants you to come to him, today could be the day of your salvation, how glorious that would, and could be, it is after all only mid-afternoon, the Lord awaits.. tomorrow. 

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