Friday, March 21, 2014

The Library, dinner and two grandbabies for my friends.....

I subbed at the library yesterday.  I had a nice day interacting with the patrons of the library.  Lady Hero was volunteering so it was nice to get to talk to her.  I am stilling trying to get a real grasp on how all the computer work and the routines, I don't work very often so I am not getting it all very quickly but I am making progress.  I did learn how to actually work the fax so that was a plus.  Poppie and the girls took me out after so that was nice.  I am working again today so I will strive to do better.

Lady got a new grand daughter yesterday, it was nice for her, she now has two little grand daughters, and 3 grand sons.  Belle is getting a new grandson today, my friends grands were to be a couple weeks apart but the Lord has blessed them in having them a day apart.  I found out the other day at CAKLs that my friend Pastry Chef is going to get a second grand this year too, and I am getting my 10th in the fall.  Funny thing how babies come in little flocks sometimes.

I am working more on my syllabus today, getting it refined a bit.  I think I have gotten all of my online orders so that is great.  I have everything all set up for easy transfer to the 4H building next Saturday.  I still have to collect plastic discard-able containers, like yogurt, cottage cheese, margarine, cool whip or shortening containers.  I need to pick up some shortening, I won't get to Walmart so it will all be straight vegetable oil, Walmart is the only shortening that still has animal fat in it, so it is a little better for hardness but I am sure someone will want vegan soap so need to have the option for them to choose from.  I have to thaw out goats milk this week, repackage into 12 ounces and refreeze.  I will take water as well, I have good well water so I won't go to the expense of buying distilled.  I will have coffee, tea, beer, coconut milk and Aloe Vera gel as choices, no, not as beverages but as alternative liquids, but I won't actually teach the beer this time.  It is an advanced alternative liquid.

Well off to get the house cleaning done and something lined up for dinner, I can't expect to be pampered twice in a two day period.  We will either have something with eggs or crocked potted dinner.  I pray for your soul and your acceptance of Christ Jesus as the master of you life.  I do so despair for the so many lost souls that are in this world.  Sometimes it is so hard to watch people just walk away for the one door to salvation...tomorrow. 

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