Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Exfoliants, beeswax, spelt rolls and the neighbors and the rest of out barn came down...... all still safe.

I have decided to expand my line in Udderly Natural to soaps, lotions and beeswax candles.  I think that the wool and cotton rugs can be included in the line as well they are after all made of natural fabric, all be it upcycled ones..  I really am going to be able to renew my efforts to actually maintain the Etsy store and maybe a sales page on my blog.  I am still have to figure out what to do with my Ebay store as it is a different line more antlers and knife handles so still Kelsey's Carved Kreations but currently in hiatus.  I am going to try making my first candles today.  Mokie is wanting to come in under my unbrella and sort of just help me, but her interest is in making goat milk honey liquid lotions, mine are all bars myself. I should get my square cotton wicks today, so can't wait to make my first ones.  I was originally not going to add any essential oils, for scent, because they burn more erratic and the essential oil can burn odd or may to a problem for some people, which with my GRD I have recently been experiencing great difficulty with scents. Mokie has convenced me that I need to make scented ones for the normal people so since she brought a good argument I will offer both scented and non-scented beeswax candles.

Having decided to make beeswax candles I had to go out to Flower Child's store,  Sense of Balance, she had some wonderful beeswax, non-filtered so I will have to filter so the candles will burn well but she had it and I could get started right away.  I also picked up some exfoliants for the Advanced Soap making Class.  I got clays, flower petals, spirulina, and black walnut hulls, I didn't even know she had the walnut hulls, yay, I am so excited. I got Himalayan pink salt, big and little some for the prettiness and some just to go inside, so I am a fanatic when it come to liking new things to put in my soap.  Oh, and I got some spices for my own spice wrack. She had some books she was going to donate to the Spring Fling and I bought one of those, great book on natural healing..... I drop her off water Kefir and was on my way after she gave me some cool little containers that I can use for samples.

I stopped in to drop off water Kefir for Lady, chatted a little and was off to pick up some pectin and spelt at the store on the way home.  I made up spelt rolls using my Kefir Mixer rolls recipe, recipe found on my Feb 8th blog, here is a link.
The rolls turned out really good, the kids and Poppie loved them so I am going to try to upgrade to using Spelt for all our family breads.  I am hoping to try Kamut soon to, I will try Einkorn but my friend, The Divine Mrs O, says it is not the greatest for bread and it is prohibitively expensive for me right now.  I did ask Twin to look at the Amish store for me, to see if they had a 25 or 50 pound bag there of the Spelt or the Kamut, I think I saw some there. I am really excited to be able to use something more healthy for my family in our already great homemade sourdough breads.

I got home and more of the barn had come down, the chicken run roof and the rest of the roof on the main barn were gone.  The neighbor, Shinny, lost his barn as well, it smashed his 4 wheeler.  He bless the Lord had no animals in his.  I must correct my blog from yesterday the person who died was the older lady she just had a man's name so it was a lady and not a man killed due to the avalanche in Zootown.  All is thawing out in our county now and there are flooding warnings so we are well and truly beginning spring after, hopefully, winters last blow.  They tried with dynamite yesterday to dislodge any more avalanches in the pass on 190, at Lookout, but they could not trigger an avalanche so they have deemed it safe for now so the interstate is once again open to Idaho.  A blessing to the people  land locked in their homes and for people needing to go over the pass.  Niecy and family are going over today so it is a blessing they didn't have to go around.

Well off to make jelly and candles.  I have a rug to finish in the afternoon.  I still have a couple of rugs worth of sheets tore up.  I don't usually use clothes to make the rugs, I got spoiled on using the long strips of a sheet, and the color of the cloth usually goes all the way threw the cloth, which is much better for making rugs; and I can buy colors that coordinate and I can make patterns in the rug.  I am hoping to finish up a wool one today though, so the trips will have to wait.  I have to make sure and get all my price tags on my items, Mokie is going to have to watch my booth because Saturday is BBFC and I have to be there when the Spring Fling begins.  I should be done by 11.  I have to make up handouts/signup sheets for the Soap Classes,  I hope to get an idea of how many might attend that way.  I have several confirmed already but it is good to have an idea for the size of the classes.

I pray you have a great day.  I pray the Lord is  part of your life, you know his love, his blessings and you have his salvation, if not, today could be the day you seek the Lord in your life... tomorrow. 

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