Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Making embedded soap today and working on my syllabus for my classes.

I had a busy day yesterday, had a nice Bible Study and got to go to CAKLS.  I had a great time at CAKLS, meant a nice new lady who needed help with her crocheting.  Got to talk about BBFC with a couple of new to BBFC's.  I hope they got a chance to participate.  The numbers were a little lower than we have had recently when I checked before I went to sleep last night, hope there were last minute contributors.  I came home and made up a batch of coco castile laundry bars and a batch of coco castile mulberry lathering bars.  They were sponifying great when I went to bed. Can't wait to check them and cut them.... I am making all oils on hand bars today.  I am excited to be embedding natural sponges in it.  I hope they turn out well.  I am thinking I well make them in heart, peace sign or I love you shapes.  I have gotten a little feed back on people who are planning on coming to my class.

Today I am working on my class syllabus.  I am trying to make sure to have two good outlines so that I can stick with my plans for each class.  I know me and I love to talk, talking is good but better when it has a clear cut outline to stick to.  I am so excited I am trying to make sure to put all the fun info in among, the you really have to know this info, and really educate my students and future soapmakers to the real love of soap.  I think making your own soap is as important as canning your own food, and baking your own bread.  You know what you are putting into/or onto your body.  Laundry soap and homemade shampoo are just as important but they won't be really taught at the first class and only hit upon in the second.  I really hope to share the true value of soap in my classes.

Well off to embed soap, may the Lord bless your day and be in your hearts, I know you are in his...tomorrow.

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