Monday, March 17, 2014

I am a work in progress.... aren't you?

I would say that since I was born in the 60's I was born in to a world of change.  I was not born into the 50's I was actually not even conceived in the 50's but most assuredly my parents lived the concepts of their generation.  I was raised by a Mom that kept a good house, doted on her husband and lived her life  knowing she was where she wanted to be, a good wife and mother.  I recall the hippies that came and went in my childhood, not from afar but actually stopped in and my father, ever the man of God, asked them in and help them out and on there way.  I don't think I really understood any thing like Haight & Ashbury as it really was but it did seep into my world. I grew up in the bra burning, woman's liberation age, the birth of free love and the explosion of drugs, sex and rock and roll.  I for the most part, as my Aunt from Baltimore said was about 20 years behind the real world time, growning up here in Montana, and the 5 others states I landing in for moments in time.  I do think that Winslow Arizona in 1970, probably was more eye opening than I might otherwise have experienced had I not lived there, but I digress.

I was raised to be a mother and wife, and I can proudly say I am and have been a good one, at least in the eyes of my husband and to me no one else's opinion counts on that matter.  I did have a dad, more than my mom per se that felt we could be or do anything we wanted as long as we were true to ourselves.  I am for the most part unlike any of my 7 sisters, and in reality just like them in ways that most people would not be able to see.  I was raised more empowered than I can think most fundamental Christians would be in the age I grew up. I think people miss the point of empowerment, it is not always about being out of line with the your core beliefs.  I think empowerment is not about being the loudest, the most outrageous or stepping on someone else to get where you want to be.  The woman liberation moment wanted it all for woman, thinking that meant getting them out of the house and into the working world.  I would say for the most part very few woman can do more things than I can do, as far as different things I have some expertise at, but that did not mean I had to do it at the expense of my husband or kids.  I don't think that you have to be of re-noun to be a success.  I think for the most part that people look at me and see, a fat, dowdy older woman, to some, no one would want to be.  I think God sees me as some one he is still working on and has many more plans for.  I don't think that empowerment has a singular  definition.  I don't think that throwing out the fundamental values that God gave us is the only way to be an empowered woman, and I think that sometimes true empowerment comes from being able to be true to who you are in God and still be able to accomplish things from a place of empowerment that still allows for service to others.  Being truly an empowered woman is a place where you can still serve, God and the ones you love, and no one thinks that you are anything less than the woman you are for doing it.

I am a work in progress, I am a soul that God is working on and has lots of work yet to do; but I am a woman at peace in my life.  I have come through an odd childhood, as childhoods go, a decade of anger, a decade of despair and depression, a decade of the joy of coming of age to who I could be and who I was. This new decade brings the knowing that I am becoming a woman of some wisdom, I have some talents to share, I have time to share with my loved ones, to cuddle and hug with out shame, and the freedom that only comes from the empowerment of being secure in who I am.  I am at a place in my life where I have no pressures that God can not help me shoulder. I have no one in my life that can hurt me more, than with God I can't endure, or that I have to take offense at.  I have come to a place where I know that my issues are my own and no one can control me with their issues.  I am in control of my life, by letting God being in control of my life, and the calm that brings is indescribable and euphoric.  I do love that aging is such a wondrous part of life.

I pray that you to find God, and let him be the master of your life, through him is where true empower is born.  I pray that you know his love and if not that you seek him.  The Bible is his word on earth for all to open and read, find one, read it and let God talk to your heart, he is awaiting you to accept his call to come home to him... tomorrow. 

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