Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Booboo teaches.......Beer soap, candles, Bible Study, visiting and more books.

Yesterday turned out to be a busy day, as usual.  I went to Bible Study, we didn't get as much Bible studying done as visiting and discussions on food issue dealing with wheat and juice and the philosophies of diets.   It was nice to get to see each other and next weeks Bible study will no doubt be more focused.  I didn't get home until after 2ish.  Belle loaded me up with books as she had cleaned out a book case.  I came home and rearranged the front-room (needing a place for all the new books) looking forward to a productive weekend of burning this Saturday. It will be nice to start spring cleaning, and start on the massive work that cleaning up the barn and rebuilding it will be.  Saturday we begin.

I decided that the candles came out so well that I would see if Flower Child would sell me the remaining beeswax she has.  She was happy to get rid of it to me.  It was nice to get it for a real good deal.  I will be spoiled when I have to buy more beeswax it will probably be a shock to my pocket book, but it is nice to get to start my new line with a quality product at a discount.  Gives me the ablity to start bigger than I might otherwise have gotten to.  I decided today I will make beer soap, so I have another alternative soap as an option for my classes, I think, tea, coffee, aloe Vera gel and beer should be a good range of options.  I am gathering info to explain the reasons you would want to make any of these and what goodness they would add to your soap to try them in the first place.  I know goat and olive oil have great advantages I am not sure beer does but I will endeavor to see if it might.

My Booboo got wonderful praises from her piano teacher yesterday.  She had been teaching Yogie to play in anticipation for Yogie beginning this summer. Yogie had initially not wanted to take lessons but she saw her sister advancing and decided she wanted to learn too.  Booboo had been teaching her sister to get her more interested in playing.  Last week the piano teacher decided that instead of waiting she would rearrange her schedule and students so that Yogie could begin and she graciously allowed the girls to have adjoining practice times. Her teacher said she had done a wonderful job of teaching Yogie and has made her up to par enough to start with some good teaching already done.  Kudos for my little pianist who wants to be a teacher, seems she has a calling.  Booboo you did wonderful, and so says her piano teacher.

Well off to clean and do more rearranging.  I will be getting beer at noon so soap making this afternoon, we will see how it turns out??  I pray that you have the Lord in you life.  Life with out Christ Jesus is not what it could be, and so many miss out on the life that God planned for those who know and love him.  If you don't know Jesus you are the lesser for it.  Today step out, find a Bible, find out what the Gospel tells us of Jesus, you will never regret it and you will know how to seek your salvation and Salvation from Christ Jesus is the only door to a live in heaven with God and his son.... tomorrow. 

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