Thursday, March 13, 2014

Old fashioned castile soap, coconut milk soap, beer soap and lotion bars alternative packaging maybe figured out....

I made modern Castile soap a couple of weeks ago knowing that some one is going to request castile/olive oil soap as their soap of choice to make at my soap class.  I made it up and it turned out nice but it is not as hard as my regular soap, for the most part goat milk soap.  It will take longer to harden.  I got to thinking how I had always heard the castile soap was very hard so I wondered if I had done something wrong.  I decided to make real old fashioned Castile soap, like the Spanish would have made, I looked up a recipe.  Olive oil and lye pretty much as basic as you get.  I decided to run it through the Soap Calculator, as I always do, and it didn't even come close to the areas that you like to hit to make good soap.  I figured I messed something up and tried again, same results.  I decided to read more on castile soap.  I found instead of take 4 to 6 week to sponify, ripen and harden it take 4 to 6 months, and then it is not necessarily as hard as my regular soaps, and oh yay, it tends to be slimy.  I wondered why I would want to make it in the first place.  Well maybe to grate and make conditioning shampoo but I probably would not be a fan in the long run of just the soap.  I made it up and it sponified wonderfully, still in the mold so not sure how it turned out but by all accounts I won't know for some time anyway.

I decided, as I said yesterday, to make up several alternative liquid soap to be prepared for my class.  I am really enjoying becoming prepared, I hope a good number of people come, because I think it will be exciting to share with others more than anything, oh, and they will end up with good soap but I digress.  I really am not trying alternative liguids willy nilly, but for there contribution to soap.  Only one of the liquids I am trying and or will teach that has no real purpose but exfolation is tea, the reality is none of it's propertied will make it through the sponification but a tea lover out there will have tea soap.  Coffee does contribute to soap, as does beer, aloe vera gel and coconut milk.  Funny I was working on making alternative liquid soaps when Lady mention, on text, that she would like to make coconut milk soap.  I figured then and there I need to practice that one so she can make it.  It has a few quirks and likes seizing but it does add to the quality of the soap.  If you would like to know what qualities all of these add to soap, including goat milk, I will see you at my classes Mar 29th and April 26th, you really will learn a lot if you come.  I love making and talking about soap, don't you know.

I gave out a lot of lotion bar samples at the spring fling, they are adorable and wonderful, but I hate trying to figure out how to story them and package them.  My answer had been putting them in small jars, they are still usable and safe form dust.  Some will like them that way, but I am sure some won't as they are a little hard to get out of the jar.  I have thought and thought on how I can make them so they are more usable and sell-able.  I think I have an answer, and the packaging will end up being cute so I am experimenting with lotion bars today.  Flower Child was a doll and sold me wonderful beeswax so I have lots to play with, she did mention if, and when, I run out she may just have some more, I do hope so and I hope I soon have a need for more.

I pray for you today, as I do every day.  I generally pray for the world in general but I do make it a point to pray for all my readers, and that would be you.  I pray for your good health, your good life and most importantly your salvation.  I am not out and about in a way that always allows for me to share the good news of Christ Jesus but I do talk to you each morning and I do think God wants me to share the Gospel with you.  He wants me to tell of his son to you every day.  I will and do take the time every day to share my love of Christ Jesus daily if only in the last paragraph, I pray you have his salvation and if not that you seek him out and find out how to become saved. If you ever want to talk to me one on one I will gladly send you my email address just leave me a comment and I will get back to you.  I pray for you to day.... tomorrow. 

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