Sunday, March 2, 2014

Happy Anniversary to my best friend. Friends what defines it in your life.......

Another year has come and gone.  Each one was different and never two alike.  I know that nothing is ever the same and I don't think that any of us ever really expect any two things to be alike.  I think that for the most part that that is the way God intended all things to be.  No, not even one grain of sand looks like another and we all know that snowfalls are never alike.  I look back over the years and see the ones that were really hard, the ones that weren't, the ones where all was new and a never done that before newness abounded.  I know that I did not love Poppie then the same way I do today, and I won't love him the same in another 34 years as I do today.  I don't think that love is ever supposed to stay the way it is, if it did it would die and stagnate.  I do know that once I lusted and love came after, I have loved passionately and I have loved from the bottom of my heart.  I have known a touch, a caress, a look and a frown that all said different things about the love I have for the love of my life.  I wouldn't really change a thing, the good or the bad, because if I did it would not be the love I have now this minute, and that is the love that makes me look into the future, knowing I am loved beyond anything I can imagine.  I don't think any two people ever love the same or love as much as each individual love that God creates.  That is something special God created just for the two he made it for, so when some one says I know how that love is, the reality is that they, and we, do not, none of us know the love some one else experiences.  All love is special, just as the love we have for God is special and just for us.  I can not know the love you have for God and I can not even know the Love my Love has for God, it is unimaginable, unequal and unshareable because it is so special.

I think of my love as the best friend I ever had and really he is.  I have never had a friend that knew me like he does and accepted me as he does, short of God.  I do have friends aplenty, and I don't usually think of myself as a person with a lot of friends.  I think that in many ways I credit Facebook with giving me more friends, or letting me know that I have more friends than I had thought I have.  I have Facebook friends that are old friends from my past that I never thought to see again, that I have reconnected with, and for the most part we are still too busy with our lives to actually take time to spent time together but now we have really reconnected and are friends again.  I have Facebook friends that I have never really spent time with that are my friends because we have thinks in common we share, recipes, ideas, God and politics.  I have friends locally that I don't get to see but because of Facebook we talk and keep up with what each other are doing so when we do spend time together we are up to date and just want to be together if only for an hour, a day or a moment as we pass one another at the store.  I do have other friends that are people I go to Church with, are my siblings, my relatives and the list goes on and on, like any ones list of friends might.  I was watching Dr. Stanley this morning and he asked a question "Who are you real friends?"  It got me to thinking, Who are my friends?  What would your friend do for you?  Is there a degree of friendship where some friends fall away and are not really friends in the end?  Does your friendship endure things that only a friend would actually do for you?   What would you do for your friend or friendship?  Do you pray for that person?  Do they want you to?  Do you really pray for that person or is it something you say to be nice?, or is it just expected?   Do I pray, really pray, for that person and I have found that I do pray for many people who would not think I even thought of them again little own pray for them.  Do they pray for me, you know it doesn't matter and it is none of  my business if they do or don't.  Is friendship something you can hold in your hand?  Is it something you hold in your heart?  Is friendship real if it is not holdable?  I do know that I have friends, some love me, some pray for me and some just like to see that there number on a computer is higher than someone else's number on a computer by saying I am. The bottom line is that there are some who love you and care about you when no one else does and prays for you when you are not even looking for prayer, those are the friends that count, they will come and pick you up in their own way when they can and that is priceless.

I pray for you today, yes, you who I do not know, am I your friend maybe and maybe not, but I am your neighbor and God wants me to love you.  I pray for your salvation and I pray that you are called by God to your salvation.  I pray you love as you are loved by someone who knows you not but really does care because someday we may be friends in eternity and there is a long time for us to become friends then, and then I will know that your prayed for me as I pray for you... tomorrow. 

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