Thursday, March 27, 2014

Goliath comes to Nannyland, Yogie is sick, and little in the front room.

Yesterday was a busy day of buying props for my class, oh, the funny things I bought.  Spent time printing and still haven't collated any of them.  I need to find a stapler, and have more to print today.  I made more ducky soap, now Mokie who never has an opinion of soap wants me to make some with fish or frogs of some such thing.  I guess I have appealed to the little in her.  I had Bubbles and Cubbie, well until Cubbie went to pre-school that is, but Bubbles was on her best behavior I think she as resolved herself to the reality that Nannie is part of her life and Mom does come back.  I am so glad she is potty trained, that makes it nicer.  She no longer potties in her pants just to make Nannie upset either.  I am for the most part winning the battles we seem to have.

Poppie was on his way to pick up the kids when he returned to the house, he had news.  Glenda had had her baby, no, not plural, she only had one, she never has had more, so it should not have surprised me but she was so huge we had figured she would have at least two or possible three, but no she had one giant baby.  His name is Goliath, fits with her G from Glenda and he is as big as the twins that are months old.  He is mostly white but has a few markings that will darken out in a few days. That does it for us this year, three males and three females, one male was born dead.  So a nice little crop.  I am always the most impressed with the does as we will keep most of them but the males will be harvested or sold.

Well I have no time to chat I have lots of soap to make for props, well in the end it is soap so it will have an after life so to speak but things to do to get ready for the soap class.  I am getting feed back that the class is shaping up to a nice sized class, but still in the realm of what I thought would be a manageable class to teach.  Yogie is here with me and the littles, she came home sick from school yesterday, still has a fever so in resting up.....

I pray for you today as I do every day.  I pray that you will find the faith to believe that which you can not see.  Jesus proved to the apostles that he was really God when he appeared to them after the resurrection.  Angels don't have faith really as they see him and know he exists.  Jesus said the 'Blessed are those that believe with out seeing. '  Everyone except those that saw him in person are among the blessed the believe without seeing.  That is faith, do you have it? Can you believe, such a simple thing that so many find so hard to do.  Really how simple an act it is to believe that Jesus is the son of God, and how hard it is for so many to do.  Imagine the simple acceptance of believing that Jesus is the God's son, brings the promise of everlasting life with God, but so many choice to not believe, what sadness that is.... tomorrow. 

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