Thursday, March 20, 2014

Poppie get s new puppy, working on my soap class.

Yesterday I made sponge embedded soap, it looks to me wonderful this morning.  I got my stick blenders, and my new fragrance oils in the mail for my class.  I spent several hours working up a syllabus and practicing what I want to talk about in my class, and how to teach soap making to a group.


I have been helping one of my neighbors sell her puppies, I saw her runt and knew that she would be a good fit for Poppie as a younger pocket dog.  She is little, and black and tan,  all of his are, she has long hair which is not like his others and he doesn't really like the longer haired one but she is his Mini's great niece and that make her related to his Mini. It would also mean I would not have to breed Missy if I didn't want to.  Missy will be four this year and has never had puppies, she is small so I have struggled to find a small male.  Mokie picked the puppy up and Poppie growled when she was brought in as he didn't know I had made a deal for her.  I told him she was a the runt, she is Mini's niece and that we wouldn't have to breed Missy, his heart melted and he put her right into his shirt.  Mini couldn't get out of his shirt fast enough.  She put her nose up and walked away, and came and sit on my lap.  Mini continued to have her nose out of joint as Poppie pampered his new puppy.  He asked what should we name her,  I said Mimee, what Bubbles calls Mini, and Missy as she can't quite say their names.  He was as happy as could be over the name.  Mini is still put out but like a toddler with a new baby, she doesn't want to play with her but won't allow any other dog near her baby.  She likes her too, though she doesn't think we know.

I pray for your day, your good health and your life in Christ Jesus,  I pray you have one in him and love him as much as he loves you.  If not, know he loves you and wants you to love him, and is offering you the gift of salvation with the gift of his love... tomorrow. 

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