Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I am back, this was a busy week and I only had so much time to divide.....

I am sorry I don't even know when the last time I blogged was and I don't actually know what day was the last day I even got to check my blog.  I am sorry to have been gone so long but I had a super busy week and alas there are only 24 hours in any day.  I did think of you all somewhere in the back of my mind as I rushed along.  I worked at the library 3 days last week, and spent the better part of the last 4 days at the St. Regis Flea Market.  I managed to make Church to praise the Lord with 3 grands in tow.  Yesterday I topped the long week end off by going to rescue Poppie so I do send you all my sincerest apologies but say la vee I am at least back now.

I had a great time working at the Library and got to visit a little with the wondrous patron that come and go. I got to sort books and alphabetize; and to the nerd that I am it is a soothing endeavor for me so that was great.  It does bug me when a photo is crooked and a book is out of place in an alphabetized shelf so I got to do something I really like to do.  Yogie is a bit anal like that as well.  Now if a cluttered house brought that out is me the house would be the better for it.  I had a great beginning to the next few week of working regularly weekly hours subbing at the Library.

We got all of our stuff together and set up at the St. Regis Flea Market on Friday, sold on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  Mokie covered for Belle and I on Sunday as we both went to our Churches.  I did have to take all of Mokie's kids to Church with me, and Bubbles chattered, and chattered and chattered some more.  Some of the time she was singing but she was really disruptive but alas she is only two.  The other members were gracious and glad she came if not glad she was so loud.  Mokie sold both of her last two puppies to two wonderful home and I may have found a breeder who has an appropriate stud to breed my little Missy to, so that was great. I got to see a lot of my friends that I don't get to see and lots of people who I had not seen in years, the Flea Market really is a gathering place of our county.  We did well at the flea market, for Mokie and I our best ever and for Belle a learning experience for her first time ever.

Belle and I found, as we were getting ready to leave, that a vendor left two sliding glass doors with a free sticker on them.  I was so excited Poppie has wanted to put a sliding glass door in the house since we bought it.  Poppie came down and got them, as we loaded them Poppie found a small crack in one of the doors but he said it was not to bad to use.  We were thinking of where we might use the second one when Son talked Poppie out of the one with a crack to use in his house so all is well and we were blessed to have them.  Poppie took the back road home.  Mokie, Belle and I finished up and were off home.  Mokie and I beat Poppie home.  He had called Son to tell him he was stranded, the lug nuts had come loose and he didn't have lug wrench, he had accidentally left it at home.   I went out to help him and as I traveled there a car got off the freeway and was following me.  It was creepy.  I got to Poppie and G-Pa was there.  G-Ma had gotten a call from Poppie and thought she was send G-Pa to save Matt.  None of us know how she would thought that, Matt who is in Billing, would have gotten stranded on Cold Creek road but who knows, she sent G-Pa to save Matt stranded in his semi on Cold creek.  I had just stopped when car following me stopped behind us.  It was Kathy, Matt's wife coming to help save Matt and she was at a loss, as well, as to why he would be stranded at Cold creek.  Soon all were on the same page but still a miss as to how Matt got into the whole thing...  All was well and we all went home. It was the end of a long week end and the car and truck were still loaded.  Son and Poppie unloaded them and the long days were at and end.

I spent part of the night beginning to rearrange so I could put all of my soap in the soap closet and make room to install the sliding glass door and get the new family room close to happening.  I plan to take the next week off of soaping, well except for the soap class I am going to teach on Friday.  I guess I am a part of soap in ways a lot of people aren't.  I pray for your day and your life, I pray that your life is in Christ Jesus and if it isn't I pray that you will take steps toward Jesus and your salvation....tomorrow. 

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