Friday, May 30, 2014

Off to give a private soap class and then back again to lots to do...

I am off this morning to give a private soap class, not a beginner but a more advanced class.  It will be fun to explore the aspects of soap with a fellow soap lover and it will nice to strengthen a friendship with a co-soaper. I will be coming back in the early afternoon and hopefully stop at Belle's to work on photos on our re-vamped and soon to be opening up again Etsy store.  I am excited with its new look and feel.

I had a great day at the Library yesterday.  Gave out samples of my toner to my willing guinea pigs.  I got an idea on how to re-vamp the amazon site that I will be volunteering weekly to work on and that should be fun and brain stimulating.  I also got to buy a wondrous set of books in pristine condition.  It will add a great deal of knowledge to our home, well for those who take the time to read the 54 volumes.  I am excited to get them.

Tomorrow is BBFC day so have paperwork to do later, with the help of my Yogie.  I am excited to get my pantry and my family room changed around and then  get the living room changed around and the new sliding door put in.  Poppie has to make shelves in my soap closet to get all the inventory put away and because I sold more than a hundred bars of soap on Memorial day week end, Yay, St. Regis Flea Market.  I now have lots more soap to make, I love to make soap I can play with new creations.  I am the bane of some of my clients existence as I rarely make the same batch twice, it is almost impossible even if I try.  

Well I must be off on my trip it is about an hour away.  I pray that the Lord is supreme in your life, without him life is nothing and with out him eternity is lost.  I pray you are an eternal being and will live in life ever-after with your Savior the Lord Jesus Christ.  Salvation is only of Christ Jesus all other doors lead to death... tomorrow.  

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