Wednesday, May 14, 2014

There is a certain comfort in knowing who you are don't you think?

I have been a lot of things in my life. A baby, a child, a wife, a mother, a grandmother and so many many more things.  It is funny that each person you meet along your life's path see you form different point of view and in a different.  It took me half a century to embrace the fact that it really is none of my business  what any one thinks of me, and none of theirs of what I think of them.  It is only God's and my opinion of me that counts for anything in my life, I am who I am because of the things, peoples and circumstances that I have faced, failed at, over come, survived and truly excelled at.  I am the steel that God made me into, he hammered me, he polished me and he has buffed me and he is only half through with me, he is making me into the creation of his love. I have become much more in tune with who God wants me to be as I have aged.  I am a bit of a hard head, a hard sell and always seem to get to the goal but I almost always get there the hard way.  Who knew it would take the Lord so long to get me on the right track.  I am the sum total of his shaping and molding, as are we all if we but allow him to shape us.

I am much more comfortable in my own skin and daily become more so as I allow God to take the reins in my life.  I spent to many a year trying to do things my way.  Funny isn't that the generations since the '60's have embraced "doing my own thing" as their mantra. I read once that "doing your own thing" is the most primal definition of sin.  God didn't put us on this earth for our own pleasure but his.  The more we run from that the more we find ourselves more and more in the muck of a sty.  Life is something we should grow into gracefully.  There is a season for all our doings, we should become like fine wine, refined, and the dross should be rendered out of us, we are after all the creation of God and he never made anything that wasn't good in the state he created it. We as humans just had to have it our own way and mess it up and we became sin.

I do know that the older I get and the more I let God drive me the more at peace I am, the less stressed, worried, and anxious I become.  I recently read that things like worry, stress, anxiety, and all the other bad things we let ourselves get caught up in are from the devil, only the good things we let ourselves get caught up in are of God, never thought of it quite that way, and so why should I dwell on anything of the devil.  I am trying to remember to shake off all the negatives as they are surely of satan. I pray for you and that you are on a path that leads only where the Lord would want you to go.  He wants you to love him, praise him and worship him.  He wants you to accept him and receive his grace, he wants to gift you ever lasting life, he wants to shape you into one of the disciples of his son.  He is life and with out him all is lost..... tomorrow.   

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