Friday, May 9, 2014

Busy days and one good read....

I did get to go to Belle's for Bible study on Tuesday as I had planned but then and there my plans went awry. I got called in to work.  It was a nice unplanned change to my week.  I also will be working a planned 4 days in the next couple months.  I did not get to my lemons on Wednesday but got them juiced on Thursday.  I did get to go to CAKLs, I was already there after all, though at work.  I did get to go to Book Club on Thursday, and I got to got to Short's new shop.  It has been open for awhile but I had not gotten to go so I made her up a gift before I stopped in.  I made her Dog Soap with paws to match her logo, the first batch of soap I made with dogs in mind.  It can be used on people to but I made sure that it had only essential oils that were safe for dogs skin. It does smell nice and I am sure people will like it.  Next batch I am going to put in diatomateous earth for an extra level of use as a dog soap.  It is citronella, lemon grass, peppermint and tea tree essential oils and will have the diatomeous earth, so it should be good for keeping bugs off of your dog and have nice smell.

I have lemon juice to turn into lemon pie filling today, I am going to can the liquid parts and add the eggs and cornstarch at time of use.  I think that will give me options and be convenient at the same time. I have 16 cups of juice so I should be able to make 16 quarts which would allow for two pies for every quart.  I think that is a good thing. The Newbie at the Library asked me to make her some toner and cream like some a friend of hers had made her.  She gave me a list of the ingredients that were used in her old toner so I am going to try to make her some.  I hadn't thought of making toner but it looks to be something I will enjoy exploring.  I did get a chance to double boil some of the oils I want to make into salves, balms or lotion ( I looked them up in the dictionary and they are really all the same thing, I kind of lean toward lotions as my thought of what they are, hard or creamy, so will probably call mine lotion).  I have oils on the slow cook in jars in my truck, the one that doesn't work, but I would like to have some for the Flea Market over Memorial Day so I am making a quick version.  NO, I could not bring myself to microwave, it think if you are making a natural organic products and you nuke it you have defeated the purposed so to speak, don't you??  I have a batch of lavendar, comfrey and yarrow oil awaiting me, some dandelion and some balm of Gilead, so I can't wait to make them.  I ordered flat tins to put them in that will be here on the 13th so I will get my thoughts and recipes together by then.  I think I will make some bees wax candles until them.  I usually use fragrance oils or essential oils in soap but I am thinking I will only use the essential oils or no scents in my lotions or maybe I will make one a balm... still thinking, even thought they are the same people think of them differently??

I read a great book on Wednesday morning.  I actually checked out a book from the library.  It was a new arrival.  It really intrigued me, I rarely check out books from the library as I like to reread a book and almost always forget to take them back. It was called the Prodigal God by Timothy Keller, it was fabulous.  Now I will have to find a copy to buy.  I did get it back to the Library on Thursday, since I didn't want to forget to do it.  It was wonderful.  It gave such a new revelation on the Prodigal Son parable.  It was so wondrous to see how the Lord works anew every time we reread verses we have read and reread.  The Bible is truly a lively oracle.  It is not like an other book, a living book that speaks ever new to us if we but look.  This book gave me a new way to look at a parable I have read and read since childhood.  How wondrous it is that God makes all things new in his time.  I would advise you to read it but I will not mess up the ending for you, I hate when some one messes up the ending of the book.  I just know I will never read the prodigal son in the same way I had, but then I think that was God's point of making me aware of the book in the first place. I pray the Lord is in your life, if not you need to seek him, and the lively oracles we call the Bible is where you can read and hear his Word.  Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. I pray you seek God through his Word, he is awaiting to give you the most precious gift ever given.....your salvation.... tomorrow.

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