Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Flea Market coming, and subbing regularly for awhile.... life always brings changes and the fun is going with the flow.

I find the more I try to figure out where I am going the more I should just step back, be patient and let the Lord lead me where he will.  Belle and I have been working on getting our Etsy store up and running.  I am actually, or I should say we are actually revamping me old store.  We didn't have to start from scratch that way, have years of being and already have reviews so we don't look like a new store, good or bad, not sure if that strategy is the best but we will see.  We have also been working at getting ready to do the St Regis Flea Market over Memorial day.  I have gotten a lot of inventory I think.  Rugs, jams, soaps, balms and a few vintage items to sell. Mokie will have goat milk lotion, and Belle will have Meadow Magic balm and other herbal remedies but I am not sure what all.  Basically the same types of items we will show case in our Etsy store.  I have a lot to do before Friday.  Poppie is building me a "soap table" it should display soap in a way I have never been able to, well that is the plan anyway.

I got a call from Head Librarian last week that she would like me to sub regularly for the rest of this month and all of next month.  Which will be a nice get away.  I will be working on some fun projects and it will be nice to spend regular time with Lady.  Poppie is also going to do the smoked pulled pork for an event they are having in June, a think for the library patrons I believe, but I could have it wrong.

The Ladies had their piano recital Sunday night, it turned out well. Preach, Pianist, Texas and the Elder States Woman from Church all came.  G-Pa came as well. They did well and were glad of the support. Poppie didn't get to go he was in to much pain.

I am glad all this is going on in my life.  I have learned that I am a great planner, but my plans always go the way God wants them to over the best laid plans, so I have learned to just take it easy and let God's plan for me unfold on his time, makes for less planning to begin with, and a surprise around each bend in the road.  You can't plan for bends so why stress your life doing so.  I pray you have a God planned filled life, no better kind.  God's will is always better than mine so I have learned to be lazy and let him show me how and where to go.  I pray for you life and your salvation.... tomorrow. 

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