Friday, May 9, 2014

Lemons part deux

I spent the day making lemon pie filling, don't worry I will be putting the eggs and cornstarch into it at the time I make it in to pies.  I got 11 quarts, that makes two pies per quart.  I decided though it only has a shelf live of 4 months that I would go ahead and make the lemon curd.  I debated several recipes and then ended up 8 timesing Ina Garten's recipe.  It meant I could use up 24 eggs and had to buy 2 pounds of unsalted butter and of course more sugar.  I ended up using 50 pounds of sugar on the two cases of lemons.  So total items for my pantry, and some to sell at the Farmer's Market, was 40 pints of concentration, 27 half pints of lemon marmalade, 11 quarts of pie filling mix, and 26 half pints of lemon curd.  I think that is a pretty good amount for 80 pounds of lemons, oh, I did gift about 10 or so lemons so I could have gotten more out of the cases but they went to a good cause.  I think I may have been quite English, marmalade and lemon curd together now I will have to  make up some scones and crumpets to use them on. Or, maybe I will gift the Mothers at church with some of the curd as it does have a short shelf life and they can enjoy it right away.  I didn't get to test any as all the jars set, a good thing, but sometimes an unsealed jar can be such a blessing.

The three grands are here to play with the next door grands and the Ladies. They have all been playing nicely in the yard.  I didn't even have to take away an electronic game from Eldest, he wanted to play.  It will be nice to spend time with them, haven't gotten to see them for some time, only here and there for a minute at school as we pass.

I pray that you had a good day, I did, I got to listen to hymns and hum as I canned. I pray that today might have been the day that you understood that some of you are lost and with out Jesus you would end up in a firey hell if you do not settle your salvation with the Lord.  I pray that some one can witness to you, or you have a Bible to read and understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I pray for you, yes you, the lost.... tomorrow. 

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