Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's day a day we honor our mothers.... or ours honor us. Well sometimes.

I have 5 children and three have honored that I am here on earth, and two not so much, but that is normal at this time in our lives.  I do think that the Lord asks us to honor our mothers.  I don't know that not honoring your mother is any less a sin than any other sin people have, and maybe for some it is the sin they stumble with the most.  I love all my kids and have no doubt that all of my kids love me, but as I don't always like my kids I honor that they may not always like me.  I have said before that loving has nothing to do with liking.  I know I am to love my neighbor, just like I am asked to honor my mother but I am no closer to liking my neighbor all the time as I am to liking my mother all the time.  We are human and our flesh is ever weak.  I love my mom and my kids and that is in the end all that the Lord asks of me, oh, and he wants me to love my neighbor too, I try daily to do good by the people or neighbors I come into contact with in my life.

I was thinking the other day about how God spoke the heaven and the earth into existence.  He did the same with all that we see and he saw that it was good, but isn't it wondrous to think that he molded man with his own hands and breathed life into us.  We didn't speak us into existence he actually molded us in his image and breathed that spirit of life into us. How special that act is and was.  Can you imagine that Lord scoping up the filthy soil of the earth and molding us, that filthy dirt is our flesh and why we are so much attracted to the filth of the fleshly things of this earth.  God so loved us, his creation, he loves us always the same no matter what our fleshly being does to lead us to horrible things.  Do you know that God can not even imagine that filthy things that a human can do, be or conceives of, he is so perfect that he can not even fathom our corruption but he loves us anyway.  I am a blessed being to have a God like he, love me so.

Today, I thank God for making me, loving me, allowing me to live even though I am, and never have been, worthy of his love, no, not even one day of my life was good enough or perfect enough for God.  He stilled loved me so much that he sent his one and only begotten son to come to earth and take my place on the cross and be crucified to save my worthless fleshly being. He gave his only son to die for me so that I to could love him and call him father.  He became my father through the love and death of his son.  Today I contemplate that kind of love.  I know that even though I am a mother that loves all of my children, though like me they be a flawed fleshly being that are not perfect, I can not say that I could give my child's life to save any of my other children's lives, not even my adopted children, which were the ones that God sent Jesus to earth to save.  NO, I am not capable of the love God has for his children and I am a blessed person because God loved me so, and gave for me that Son, he so loved. That is the kind of love that God gives me and wants to give to one and all that will believe that that is just what he did.  He has a gift for you today, he gives his grace, his son and his love and you but have to believe, repent and accept that wondrous love.  Today could be your day of salvation, oh, what joy that would be...tomorrow. 

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