Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Lemony, Lemon day, and another yet to come.....

Yesterday was a busy day.  I had two cases of lemons looking me in the face.  I had decided that since I didn't get all that many lemon concentrates from one case last year I would probably not put a lot of time into making it this year.  I thought that buying lemons when I wanted to make lemonade would be a better use of my time.  I went to the internet to seek out a couple of recipes.  I looked and looked, and looked some more but no canning lemon pie filling recipes could be found.  I then tried to find lemon curd recipes to can, as scarce as hens teeth let me tell you.  I finally found on a cite that referenced back to the national center for home canning, you are not supposed to use real lemons in it and it is only shelf stable for up to 4 months.  Not an ideal recipe to peruse, I am going to make a few, very few, and horror of horrors I am going to use real fresh lemon.  I accident came up on a different concentrate recipe than I used last year and I decided to give it a second try, and I also happened upon a lemon marmalade recipe by accident.  I spent the rest of the morning, zesting, you know scrapping the yellow off of the lemons and then juicing, one case plus one row off of the second case.  I made 40 pints of concentrate and slow cooked lemons in one of my pressure canners without the lid, I didn't have another pan big enough for 3 liters of lemons, simmering juices and the zests to add 10 lbs of sugar to.  Once the sugar was added I floated a cheese cloth of pips on it for it pectin content, letting it boil hard for 40 minutes.  I got 27 half pints of lemon marmalade, with a touch of grapefruit in it.  They really are pretty and I like it better than any orange marmalade I have ever made.  The Ladies liked it as well, and they flat out do not like orange marmalade.

Today is Tuesday, Bible study and CAKLS are on the agenda.  No Church tonight as Preacher and Pianist have flown to Texas to be with their daughter she is having a double mastectomy as she has breast cancer.  Many prayers for their traveling mercies and the good health of their daughter if it be the Lord's will.  The Ladies have piano later, they will be having a recital on the 18th of May, it will be nice to see them both perform after the fiasco at the schools concert.  I am hearing that maybe other parents were upset as well and the 5th and 6th graders may be being included in the high school concert, an alternative yes but still not the point of actually teaching a child in a timely manner.  I wonder if the students could say I didn't get the assignment done so could I play it for you on the 4th of July at my convenience..... I digress.

I will be back to lemons on Wednesday, making lemon curd, and I am going to make pie filling but leave out the cornstarch and eggs to be added at the time when the pie will be made.  I will be writing my own recipe and canning times, I know horrible aren't I....  Not like I haven't done it before.

I pray for  your day, your travels and most of all I pray for your salvation.  I know God calls to his people and gives them the faith to believe in the first place, I pray that you are called of God, you believe and accept his gift of salvation.... tomorrow.   

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