Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Three days in a row, how long it has been since that happened....... ??

Yes, I am here again today.  I think back on the evolution of my blog and remember my vow, and those who know me know I seldom make vows because I think the Lord wants us to know that our word is our vow and we shouldn't have to make vows, but I have digressed..... Anyway, when I began blogging I vowed to do it every day for a year, and I managed to keep my vow, through sick and health, family, camping trips and busy days.  My second year I tried to keep to a daily schedule and for the most part probably did as well as possible but alas as you all know that this summer I fell away and didn't visit with you all that much and by the end of summer I found it had been a whole month that I had been absent and since then I have come by a couple time a month.  Well hurrah today is three in a row so we shall see how it goes from here.

I ended up with beautiful burnt orange soap dino's this morning when I released them from their molds, turmeric who'd a thunk.  I have used paprika and now I know that they are basically the same as a colorant.  I did make up and cut strawberry/cream and miracle oil French milled bars that are beautiful light pink (from the mica colorant I am trying to use up) and lovely pale green that is a mixture of the fish I made from the left overs of the light green dino's and the soap I rebatched.  I really love to make soap for those of you who don't know.  I think it is an art I can't live without and unlike my carving, that I may not always be able to do, I can always soap, well I do have to have the goats to make it perfect.  I can make it without them but they make it so much better.  I just remember yesterday that Cleo, my dear queen is 7 now, how time flies she was 18 months when I got her.  She does not provide milk as she is a meat goat but her dear Cora Beth ( you know from the Walton's) is half dairy and should be a good milker well there is the fact that she is a lot like her name sake so we shall see if she is in the end. But again I digress, I find that the more I talk with you all the more I tend to wander off but anyone that knows me knows that that is me..... sigh.

I did want to say that faith is on my mind of late but then I am not sure that it is not on the forefront of all my thought and has been for neigh on 5 years now.  I do so worry about all my children and am glad that in the last two years 3 have been saved.  One I think may never be drawn to God and I pray for her a lot but the other.  My dearest Mokie has probably always been my most faithful child but alas she has never been saved, may be like me she over thinks things.  I do know that in the last six months the Lord has really been at work in her life and I think she is seeing what God wants from her and will soon accept his call, I pray for it daily. 

You all know that I read a lot and no, I don't read much fiction, for those who really know me know that I am an addict and I have not read a contemporary novel since 1997. I have over the years explained it wrong in many ways I always said I didn't read fiction and I always mention that I had like historical romance that was enough of an explanation but I am not sure in the end that that is the crux of my addiction.  My real addiction is all novels that I can't walk away from in an instant might be a better explanation.  My addiction is not for the genre I have found, as I have aged, but the need to know what happens next above all else in my life.  I have been coaxed by friends to read a novel, and they good hearted they say I will not be drawn back into my addiction but alas would you ask an alcoholic to take a drink.  I began to assess my addiction under new light and have come to the conclusion it was never about the genre I read but the evil of not being able to understand that life, kids, family and God were so much more important than the need to know what happens to a make believe person or situation so I will continue to my death never reading another contemporary novel or even old novel that isn't a classic (no surprise there, most of them I have read and know what happens so I can walk away) children's book, what Nannie doesn't read to her kids and grands.  I will happily stay in my genre of the Bible, cookbooks and Christian literature, I think God had something to teach me and has been in the last few years specifically. 

I know that from my reading I have come to understand that unlike the modern generation that thinks that their path to God is of their own design I know that that is not so. I do know that our relationship with God is our own but not who the relationship is to be with.  The Bible  is the only living book that can lead you to God don't you and it tell us this.

 Romans 10:17King James Version (KJV)
17 So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

Matthew 7:14King James Version (KJV)14 Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.

The Bible is very clear that the only way to have a relationship with God is through Jesus.  I have so many friends that believe in the great spirit, or the one true God or many other things they come up with as they don't want to talk about faith in Jesus Christ.  They think that their faith in "their" truth and "their" god will be enough and they will go to heaven because they are good people but that is not what the Bible says so I worry and worry about their souls and the loss they come to at death.  I recently was reading a book by Ann Graham Lotz, she told a story of having meant an old man in a foreign country after she had given a sermon ( not sure if it was actually a sermon or just a speach) but anyway.  An old man approached her with tear streaming down his face.  He said you have given me his name, I have worshipped a God I didn't know all of my life and you have given me his name.  I found that beautiful.  It is validation that our souls know God and seek him.  That if we have never heard of  Christ Jesus we will not be judges as harshly for not knowing him and accepting him as those who have heard the Word and walk away.  This man had worshipped Christ all of his life but did not know his name.  Those who know his name and still worship an unknown god will be lost.  I pray so much for the lost and so many of them are people who are dear to me who do not hear the Word of God.  Nothing is sadder than being almost persuaded but lost.... tomorrow.

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