Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Another great day, I am a blessed person....

Had a nice day.  I worked until 1:30 and came home and made homemade ice cream.  Fresh cows milk, fresh eggs and fresh strawberries what could be better.  We took the ice cream to Church for an ice cream social.  I took Buga, Cubbie, M, Booboo and Yogie.  There were two other kids there so there were 7 kids and 6 adults, not bad for a Tuesday night.  The Preacher really focused on the kids in his message, they were all really interacting with him.  I love that he takes the time to make the kids apart of the message, they really are our future and our countries future.  The lesson was on our country and on the boundaries that we all should have and how to abide by them and live in them and not be to much in a hurry to go on to new boundaries in our lives.  I think they were all engage in his words.  We had a great social afterwards, ice cream for all and I am not sure that all didn't eat many more bowls than truly necessary.  A wonderful fellowship was had by all.

I am going again close with the sentence I quoted in paraphrase this morning. Jesus would rather go to hell for you than live in heaven without you.  How wondrous that truly is...tomorrow.

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