Friday, October 5, 2012

Dinner, Zootown, Cubbie is terrible.

Mokie, Cubbie, Bubbles and I flew into Zootown early yesterday, we hit the meat sale, the Costco, Walmart and home.  Still were late didn't get home until 2.  Not sure I got half of my lists right but had guests coming at 6:30.  Poppie, the dearest man, had cleaned the carpets in the master bedroom, I still have to do the girls rooms but it was so nice that he helped out so much.  He had spent the day smoking a brisket for dinner.  We had the Preacher and Pianist over as well as Mokie, Son and kids and Bug too.  I had bought a cheesecake for Mokie for her birthday, which we were celebrating.  We also had huckleberry pie.  We had a very nice visit and all got to know each other better.  We had only had the Preacher and Pianist over once before and that was at the 4th of July party so not the best atmosphere for individual visiting.  Shortly before I they arrived Herbalist dropped in and put me more off schedule getting the kitchen floor mopped but at least it was swept.  I never seem to plan anything that every goes off with out a hitch but I have wonderfully understand friends that know I am crazy so they never seem to mind.  Our dinner was a success, I guess the most important things in life are not about the cleaning, the planning or the doing, they are about the sharing, the companionship and the loving. 

Cubbie had been a living terror for about three days.  She was naughty all day in Zootown, mischievous at dinner, she has well and truly gotten over her shyness with Preacher and Pianist.  She tickled Pianists feet under the table, untied Preachers shoes and chattered like a chipmunk to both.  She is really blossoming and I am not sure she needed much blossoming to begin with.  She is definitely in need of some discipline and her mom has not quite gotten a hold of that.  I will have Bubbles and Cubbie today and she is definitely not getting away with any naughtiness as I am tired this morning and will not be as apt to look the other way as her mom.  I will actually have just Bubbles until 1 but both after. 

The crisp of fall is in the air this morning.  I picked up winter coats for the girls yesterday, good thing they for sure needed them.  I will be going to another volunteer day with Lady tomorrow for Bountiful Baskets.  I can't wait to spend the morning doing something so rewarding.  It is nice to get away with Lady and just be able to spend time talking and no one to worry about.  We have one more after tomorrow before we can have a conference call to see if we can start the process here.

 We are hoping to got get fire wood after I get home so that will mean a nice full day tomorrow. So definitely going to just be today.  I do have to ship a package of longies and a wool dress to a young mother in Canada this morning.  I do love to make the upcycled items for the babies and their mommas.  I will have more time to do it as the summer speed slows down to the ease of fall. Well if you call getting firewood and easy pace but it really is, though we do have quite a bit of wood to get.  I have soap to make this morning and in the next week list upluks and maybe finally get to actually carve, I haven't gotten to do it in so long it will be a truly fun endeavor.  I think with my carving sometimes I just have to walk away to come back to it with joy.  I will get to start working on spinning in earnest soon,  I love the fall and all the time it can bring to do new things..... tomorrow.

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