Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hot sauce done, kraut too, now the fall cleaning... Mokie has a bday.

I spent the morning making up my hot sauce, I started with a basic recipe, that had a lot of vinegar in it, I would not add that much again, the other recipes all had much less so vinegar was not a canning must in the recipe but a taste factor for the author.  I now have a new recipe that only took 4 or 5 hours to come upon.  It is hot in the nice way that hot sauce it supposed to be. Cubbie and Yogie both think that it needed to be washed down with cold water right away, a good thing I would think in hot sauce.  I ended up with 22 jars of it, so will have some to gift for sure.  I finished up the sauerkraut as the hot sauce simmered and bubbled away, I have about 8 and 1/2 gallons in the crock.  I can't wait until it is fermented and ready to eat.  I have to seriously get cleaning, I do want to get the carpets I have left cleaned, just the three bedrooms so to speak.  Well and one bathroom, really who puts carpet in the bathroom? 

Today Mokie is another year old.  We will celebrate her birthday on Thursday, Poppie is going to smoke a brisket and today we will be at Church so he won't have time to get it done.  So she has no problem with us doing the celebrating on another day.  She is no longer a little girl and that will not bother her any.  She probably never was a little girl in many respects, she is an old soul.  She of all my kids, well maybe about the same as Booboo unless Booboo changes dramatically, has never caused us a moment of strife.  She and Booboo are really so alike I call Booboo her name all the time.  They are both my babies by age, the youngest of my two little separate families.  Today she turns another year older and I remember the moment of her birth as it was yesterday.  Her first cuddle in my arms.  The years of her cuddling and then one day, in a heart beat it seems she didn't want hugs, to this day she is the least hug able of all my kids and since that includes Bug, who in his manliness isn't a hugger, that is saying something.   She is my closest child as an adult, well so far, I think my two littles will be of similar relationships with me as adults.  She shares my need for the simple, and wants little out of life that we don't already have.  No grand dreams to chase or places to go.  I love her, as I love all of my kids, for the special things that make her her.  Happy birthday dear one...

Tonight the girls will say the memory verses they have been practicing to the church.  We call them the zucchini verses.  They gave the church a tease on Sunday but wouldn't tell them what the zucchini verses were.  The Preacher thought it was a good idea to name them something as we did, he said they would remember them the rest of their lives, I said that was the idea... He like the others won't know what the zucchini verses are until tonight, well unless he accidental read my blog which he doesn't ever know where is, so no danger there.  The girls have worked hard and are so excited, they still miss a word here and there.  I have ordered them new Precious Moments King James bibles so that they can highlight the verses in their bibles as the learn them.  This will be their first parables, we plan to learn them all.  They have learned single verses before and they will have to highlight backwards but from henceforth they will do them as they learn them. Have a great day and remember to save to memory the Lord's love for you... tomorrow.

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