Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Toooo much time with Cubbie, upcycled, Cakled, and Church.

I had Cubbie and Bubbles all day, and the word all is not said lightly.  Cubbie is naughtier than ever lately, I ended up giving her a few swats and it didn't phase her.  I have discovered that like her mother you would have to beat her to death for a spanking to work so it is a futile endeavor.  Poppie put her in the corner and I left her to her mother to deal with, not that that helps.  I told her she could not come back to Nannie's today as Nannie has no patience left for her and I desire to have a day of rest that does not include the presence of any Cubbies in it.  Boy graciously picked up all the dog food Cubbie threw all over my kitchen so he was on good terms with Nannie for sure. Bubbles was just in tow and of course along for the ride on Cubbie coat tails, though there is still hope for her.

I spent the day upcycling, I made a poncho that fits both Cubbie and Bubbles so has a great range for sizing.  I love that I currently have two little models. so am concentrating pieces to their sizes to know the fit of the pieces. I may even take photos of them wearing the items for Etsy.  Most will be Bubble size as Cubbie is actually bigger than I like to make.  I made a little dress/sweater that was a bit too little for Bubbles so probably a good 6 months size, it is an open necked piece with fashionable straps in the neck line, both the poncho and dress made from a mulit colored pink, purple, blue and red strips totally cute, I think, I also got one pair of longies too.  The second projects I worked on was a cute green with embroider flowers on it, I got a sweater, that fits Bubbles perfectly and a set of longies, with the last of it I made a beautiful dress, the top is the green embroider with a red skirt and belt, again it fit our Bubbles.  I am glad to have the model of a year old to 18 months size, Bubbles in 98 percentile for size so in not a typical 11 month size.  I will have to get as many created as I can before she grows out of toddler size, by them I should have some nice patterns to work from.

I escaped to go to CAKLS, Lady and Shorts were there so had a nice visit with them, they liked my upcycled pieces or it is that they are my friends and are very supportive of my endeavors.  I was truly nice to be away from Cubbie, for one, and just get to have a nice visit with my friends.  I only got to stay about and hour then had to go to the Extension office to correct Booboo's name for 4H. and off to the store for a few items and home in time for Poppie to pick up the kids, some one had to spell him from Cubbie and Bubbles. 

I went to Church with the girls, on the way Bug waved us over and he came along.  The message was nice and rather comforting.  It was about brotherly love and how to love the many personalities in a Church.  It was a refreshing and enlightening message.  I had to leave right after, Bug stayed, we had only a few minutes to get to the store and pick up crackers for Booboo for her contribution for the Halloween party in her class.  Today will be their first time to wear their costumes.  There was a Halloween party at the school on Sunday but they didn't get to go, we, Poppie and I, explained to them had it been on Saturday or Monday they could have gone, but even though the connotations of the past about Halloween are not really apart of the current culture of the day we felt that it was not something we could support on the Lord's day, they both understood our reasoning and gave up the party.  I have great girls.

Today I plan to peacefully upcycle, a day with out Cubbie, what a thought, not likely to happen but since her mom will be here or at her house I have the option of sending her little bum packing if she is naugthy.  How wonderful that will be, sometimes it doe the little mite good to think Nannie truly doesn't want or require her presence in my day.... tomorrow.

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