Monday, October 1, 2012

Hot sauce, and sauerkraut, cleaning, isn't Fall the best!

Yesterday, Booboo helped me peel garlic as I sliced tomatoes in half and put them on roasting pans, I added a heap of the hottest pepper Poppie and Grandpa grew. Today I will blend it, add spices and vinegar and make up a killer hot sauce to can. I am going to make it as hot as I can as Poppie won't eat it any way so the sky is the limit, well dependent upon my access to hot peppers. I didn't get the sauerkraut topper sliced but will try and get all of the cabbage sliced and stomped so it can all get fermented. I am going to can off a few jars so I can add hot pepper flakes to some, juniper berry to some and maybe dill to others but for the most part I will leave it in the crock so we can eat it fresh which is the best. I may can some off to gift as well. I gifted some veggies at church and they were soon all going home to new homes. I should have taken more yellow squash as I had requests for more so will make sure they get to new homes. We are going to hold off on cutting the great pumpkin until after Thursday as the Preacher, Pianist and their daughter, Texas, want to come out to see it so they are coming for dinner on Thursday. The pumpkin will get chopped, roasted and bagged for all sorts of future good meals. I will probably gift some as well, my try to make pumpkin soup as I have never and the idea has played in my mind for the last couple of years.

I am hoping to make so dark chocolate and some white chocolate, I have found that I have all the making on hand so am going to give it a try with my extra virgin coconut oil and the coco butter I have. It will be a new adventure and I never dreamed I would have the ingredients on hand so never looked for the recipes, actually came across them on accident. I will see how they turn out may be not so good but it is work a try and I may surprise myself and they could be great.

Tomorrow the weather is to become cold or more seasonal. Fall will well and truly be on us. I love love love fall almost as much as spring, not so fond of summer as it is too hot. Winter is the worst because my old bones just can't take the cold so I don't spend much time out in it. Long winters can be so long, I get lots of arts and crafts done so that is a blessing but it can be so cold. Have a great day, hope you do some special and fun, I know the Lord will bless your day; if you ask him into your life he will bless it eternally as well..... tomorrow.

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  1. The dark chocolate recipe I told you about looks so good, I'm going to try it when things slow down! Let me know how yours turns out!


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