Sunday, September 30, 2012

Poppie's great pumpkin, Dad's garden, siblings reunited.

Poppie harvested his great pumpkin this week, it was sort of like the birth of a new child. He was very proud of it. He had to tip the wheel barrow over to get it in the wheel barrow. He rolled it down to the house and parked it in front of the deck. I took numerous photos of it all nestled in the wheel barrow. Cubby posed by it. Later once we got it in the house Bubbles sat on it as Yogie posed. Poppie unfortunately left it unattended in the wheel barrow before it got in the house, the naughty little goat brigade nibbled on it. It nearly broke Poppie's heart. They nibbled it and scarred his dear child. I was not a happy thing to see. Bug tried to lift it but was unable to just pick it up, they finally rolled it onto a blanket and Bug drug it into the house. They are going to try to figure out how to weigh it, whole is probably not and option, I am thinking I will weigh it in pieces after we chop it up. I am going to take one final photo of it with Poppie before it is chopped, the nibble marks will not be seeable as they are on one side. Poppie is going to whine but I will have my picture.

My dad's birthday turned out great. I got there just after the other sibling began to arrive. Dad took me out to his garden to show me his wondreous aray of squash, melon's, watermelons and all his other many harvests. He had several banana squash and as Lady had asked me to asked for one I got one of those. He had some nice watermelons and cantalope that we had for dinner. He had five or six hubbards that are 50ish pounds apiece. My dad was his old self, which is nice, he is usually at his most normal when several of the kids are there together, I think it makes him more comfortable and less in the new or now. It was a wonderful visit with him. My mom was at her most lovely and that is always nice. All of the siblings were there, I don't think we have all been together in probably 10 or 15 years, maybe more. I forgot my camera but hopefully some of my sibling will bless me with photos. We got to take a all family photo and that will be something I will cherish. Not all of the grands or the greatgrands were there, Mokie was the oldest grand there, she is the 6th from the top so lots couldn't come. All the in laws (well except Poppie, as he was sick in his chair at home with stomach flu and cramps) were there too, even the two ex in laws that are still the significant others. It was a wonderful day, the most pleasant I have had with my siblings in years. All were there just because they wanted to be and all loved each other, there was no fighting among the grands and will that many littles all together that was nice too. I did not have the most gray hair among the ones of us that are all natural, I have two sibs that have much more than me. Of course one of the brothers in law had to make it a competition. Little Brother manned the grill and made sure all were filled up. Lots of good food, good family all in good company.

We stopped by Grandpa's on the way home, he gave me some cabbage, tomatoes and peppers, I am going to barter him some soap. Grandma has had a bloodclot and will not be able to go to PA in October, hopefully they will be able to reschedule to Christmas time. She was in a good mood, and sometimes those times are far between. She had actually blamed Cubbie earlier in the week for kicking her and causing the bloodclot. Cubbie can be as naughty as they come but she is not a child that kicks people so it had made Son and Mokie unhappy that Grandma is not more loving to their kids and would make such an accusation even in her pain. I think Grandma had had time to reconsider her accusation. She was especially nice to Cubbie, which was good, while we were there. So needless to say when I come home from Church, which Poppie won't be attending, I will add more cabbage to my sauerkraut, make more salsa, and begin the process of freezing and canning the great pumpkin. I put it in everything that I make, spaghetti, pancakes, soups, breads, cakes, and anything else I want. Poppie's only rule is "I don't want to know its there, I just want to be obliviously ingnorant."  Funny, if you know it's somewhere in the food can you really still be oblivious?..... tomorrow.

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