Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Drama is in need, Lady Hero and Seester come by for a visit.

Yesterday was a day filled with people, well every day here is filled with people but there were people here that are not here every day or regularly so it was a day of different peoples.  Cubbie and I started the day with PreSchool.  Cubbie was here bright and early, we made up her oatmeal, she got to stir it and watch the dinosaurs appear, didn't make her eat it as good as the kind we cook on the stove but it did make her want to stir it.  She and I had stirred up some bread the day before and she had a loaf all picked out to give her teacher.  She was sitting there in her little school desk and said all forlornly, "Nannie, I will go home she is not coming"  I told her to have a little patience, she would come.  Shortly there after PreSchool drove in the drive and Cubbies little face lit up with delight. They had a day of fun.  Preschool was in the living room sitting on the floor rolling the ball back and forth with the small child, Cubbie couldn't restrain herself, her laughter was contagious.  She truly loves her special time with Preshool.  She gets to be the center of attention with an adult that is not part of her family, she is learning that the outside world can be a safe and loving place. She is learning security in community, she is learning to love someone not related to her, a big step in a 3 year olds life.  Friday she gets to take her mom to school with the whole group, Nannie does not do that, mom has gotten permission from her job to share this time with her daughter one on one. 

Lady Hero and her sister, Seester, I saw Lady Hero call her that on facebook and somehow it just stuck in my head so she is Seester.  I actually worked with both of them years ago at the Sheriff's office.  Lady hero was my supervisor and I replaced Seester on the grave yard when I started there.  She moved away shortly after I started.  She is just moving back to our area.  They came to see all of our animals, the kids, the veggies (Poppies big pumpkin) and bring me a plant.  It was really cool it was a split leaf philodendron, I have one but it is a different species apparently.  It looks like a baby cousin in comparison.  The grands and Mokie came over when they were here, it seems if you stop by you will be inundated with the full measure of us so it is something that visitors just have to get used to and expect, I suppose.  Lady Hero wanted to visit all the animals she has read about here in my blog and share them with her sister, what a special thing that is to us.  She asked about all of her favorites and got to meet them in person, Poppie couldn't imagine how she knew all of their names.  Mishka had been naughty earlier in the day and was hiding under the studio but could resist her curiosity about the strangers in her yard, her job don't you know.  She came out and joined us.  We showed them all of our animals and then took them over to Mokies to show them the little piglets over there.  While we were showing them Drama stopped by at our house, I didn't get to see her but Mokie had walked over to talk to her.  Soon we went over to the house to go in for a short while, on the porch was a couple of squash that my dad had sent over.  Lady Hero was ecstatic she had been looking for a banana squash, dad hadn't known what it was so sent it to me.  I had been gifted with two big ones and so we shared the banana one with them.  I have a great big pumpkin and now a great big Hubbard to process the banana was gladly given to a good home.  They soon departed having had a fun time exploring our world, I think.

Mokie advised me that Drama had been in distress when she talked to her so I called her.  She had had a very trying visit with mom, that happens to the best of us.  She like the rest of us can usually handle it but it was one of those days when she needed love and compassion from her mom, and none was given.  I spoke with her for awhile, tried to be of comfort.  I tried to help her understand that she was not the problem that mom just wasn't sometimes capable of given any of us the things emotionally we need from her.  I spoke to her of God's compassion and love, the love of those who do have time to care about her, and that I would try to be there for anything she might need.  I don't know that I was all that much help but trying is all we can do in situations sometimes.  God is and can be the greatest comforter, I encouraged her to seek him and that through him she could have true harmony that no one else can give us.  I hope she seeks him and finds his comfort.... tomorrow.

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