Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cabbage collards, we squeaked past one of two predicted frosts, and Rajee will become Root Beer.

I finished up my Virginia chunks they tasted great when I put them in the jars, got 13.  I gifted two, one to Lady and one to Drama.  We tried the Dixie Cabbage Relish on the brats and it was good.  I gifted two of those as well.  Preacher was happy to take our one jar of relish and gifted us with a box of 20 pints, yay for wide mouths and 3 quart jars.  I bought jars the other day knowing that I wouldn't have enough and hoping I would get by.  The Lord was so good to me, Herbalist and Pianist both gave me jars so I am truly blessed and should have enough to finish the season, and some to play with, more bean creations, yay.  Poppie covered up his beloved great pumpkin last night.  We were to have two frosts, last night and one tonight,  we missed the bullet last night and if we can eek by tonight, we may get more cucumbers and more.  What a blessing that is, I know some of you have had enough bounty this year but we could use a little more, my jars aren't all full.  There must be a reason I have been blessed with more and so I should fill them. I picked all of my cabbage leaves and I am going to cook them up like collards and can them. The girls and I love greens and didn't get Poppie to grow any this year so as we tried eating the cabbage leaves a couple years ago, and loved them, we are going to use what we have and we have lot of the big green cabbage leaves.  I picked about 10 to  15 lbs so will see what I get. 

Poppie brought Rajee home with him from the Professors.  Herbalist has decided to stay with just dairy goats so gifted Rajee back to me.  He was the twin of Rommie that the cougar killed last year.  I was so excited to have him back as we lost his mother as well, I really had wanted her breeding in my heard and bought her granddaughter back from the crazy goat lady I sold Shamrock to.  Now I will have him to breed to my herd this year.  His dad is visiting with Mokie's herd so there shouldn't be any problem with the two of them.  When they are done breeding they will be all tired out and ready to be in a buck pen together.  We are going to put Cinnamon in with them as well.  We have decided that since Root Beer is the withered brother of Rajee, and Eldest claims him, that we will changed his name to Root Beer.  The real Root Beer will be harvested next month when we harvest the rest of the goats and two pigs.  Eldest always asks about Root Beer and doesn't know we have gotten Rajee.  No one here calls him Rajee but me, as he has been away for almost two years, so the name change will give Eldest a new friend that will stay and he will be just as proud to have him as the original Root Beer.  They are nearly identical in appearance but for Rajee being a bit bigger.  Eldest will get to keep a him as his that way. 

I am hoping to get some house cleaning done today.  Laundry, vacuuming and maybe find one of my tables.  I should have some canning to do as well.  Lady and her grandgirl and grandboy might stop by if they have time. Cubbie would like that but we will see what the day brings.  I hope you have a blessed day and remember no worries... tomorrow.

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