Sunday, September 16, 2012

Beets, Poppies truck roars, and the Ladies had a great Farmer's Market but they called it the last of the year.

The Ladies had a great Farmer's Market, sold everything but three loaves of 100% whole wheat, but they gifted it to Grandpa and Mike from Jackie's.  They love the market but they said they were cold and that they thought the work until dark was probably more than they can do, plus mom has to work to much to help them out.  I told you they were great girls.  They are going to do the October 20th Helpline craft show.  They were told they could make bread, pies and foccacias for it so they are going to go.  I will have my soap there but Booboo is becoming the Soap seller so we will have to make it so she can learn the ins and outs of soap.  She is stepping up to sales lady she just had to have something that she has passion for now to instill  her passion.  She makes pies but doesn't like to sell them.  Yogie loves selling baked goods has a passion for making and selling it. 

Grandpa gifted us beets and Poppie picked ours, we didn't have a lot but with them both I got 6 quarts so that was a blessing.  I got caught red handed making them, I used to so love to hear my Grandma Gladys say that when she processed her beats, she always said it, you could count on it, every time.  Memories.  I got to lounge around in the morning yesterday, thanks to the Ladies doing the market without me.  Poppie and Bug worked on finishing up Poppies 'Old Green' truck.  She roared to life and was ready to go, they have a little tinkering left to do but for the most part we will have a running truck and be able to go out to Fosters later in the week and cut wood.  No farmers market to bake for so we will use the days to firewood, we need to get on it now that the days are cooling off.  I still have kids on Friday so we will have to do it one Thursdays and Saturdays when I am not volunteering with Lady to get our project up and running.  I will tell you all about it after we have actually had our first volunteer day and are officially working on it.  Which is this Saturday, yay. 

The Ladies friend came by last night and played and then the kids and the grands all went down to the new boy in the neighborhoods birthday.  What a wonderful thing that all of the kids in the neighborhood can get together and have a little celebration.  The days of childhood play are some of the most community building things a kid can do.  It teaches them the importance of interacting with and caring about your fellow man and your neighbors, as lesson not all children get to embrace and it is so important to learn.  My fellow man is my neighbor and God said that Loving God was the most important commandment and loving you neighbor the second.  Children learn them both in the arms of their family and neighborhood. May the Lord bless you and love you... tomorrow.

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