Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Platform reading have you ever done it. Probably not I hear they are the most unread documents ever produced.

I heard on the news this morning that the Democrats have removed God from their platform, not that he was there much in the 2008 platform, one time there but still there.  They have also remove Jerusalem as well.  It too was there in 2008.  I decided after hearing this to read the platforms can't say I had ever before, maybe in government in high school but more than likely not.  So I went on line and read each of the platforms. Enlightening and if you have never done so you should.  They are admittedly boring but not as boring as tax law or the Montana Code Annotated and I have read both, not because I had to but because I wanted to.  Okay, so a life without fiction other than children's book or classics makes my reading scope more limited than yours but I do actually read things that will be of use later in my life.  Makes me good at trivia as well, well if it isn't about modern novels like 50 shades of grey or the resulting prime time flavor of the week shows like Desperate house wives or the like produced from the author of the week.  Okay, I digress but reading can be an asset and not a burden.  Not having read 50 shades of gray some say I must be deprived as I have no idea where it went and it might have added quality of life to my existence, okay I jest but I do use reading as a benefit to my life and not a downfall..... I must admit I did learn alot by reading both platforms, not that the reading of the democrat platform changed any of my opinions but it was interesting to read.  I do try and understand both sides of an argue meant before I make my decision to be on one side or the other. Do you?  Have you ever read either platform?  Do you even know what a platform is and that you are taking a stand to support one when you are arguing about why your candidate is the man for the job this year.  I have read pieces of the platforms in the past and have always been aware that my vote supports platforms but admittedly this is the first time I read both in full.  Enlightening. Both do want the best for our country as they see it.

If you don't know what you are read a platform it doesn't take five minutes of reading to know where you stand.  I think that you can still vote for the person as an independent after reading them but you really can't claim that you don't have a calling to one or the other of the ideologies.  Reading the platforms are enlightening and they either call to your ideology or appall you and makes you know you are not one of those.  I did find it funny that one of the platforms spent the alot of time blaming the past of the others side and the other side spent their time trying to put forth answers for the future.  I am not going to tell you what I read as if you really cared about your vote you would read it for yourself, and know what you are professing to believe in and stand for.  I do think that everyone who votes should always read and learn about what they are voting for and not just mark the boxes to get out of the booth.  Does it make you a voter just because you go to the voting both and mark x's like a child that didn't study and hopes some of the answers are right when they mark their test?  I think that being a conscientious voters means that sometimes they don't vote as they didn't study up or they don't know anything about who is running so they don't want to make a choice against their beliefs.  I get so tired of hearing a person with an "I voted" sticker on their shirt that went in an marked x's, had no idea what they voted for, actually voted against their beliefs because they got lost in the voting jargon and wording, but condemn others because they didn't vote.  Number one it is a right to vote and, yes, it is a right to not vote but the bigger tragedy is the voter that has no idea what they voted for and couldn't care less as long as they voted and can be smug to those who didn't.  Is that actually voting? yes, it is. It is voting for the other guy and the other guy is glad you are an idiot.  Isn't there a saying about it being better to keep quite... oh yay,  "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt." Voters should take heed of this as much as fools. 

I do love a good debate, many many of my friends are liberal democrats and I a moderate to conservative republican.  I love a good conversation about the issues and I love when both sides get to express their sides with a fair chance of being heard.  I hate the liberal media that has become the flag bearer for the liberal democrats.  I hate that they are taking away the fair and balanced debate between the peoples who care about our country.  I am so disappointed in people that don't care enough to either educate themselves or that are so nasty and mental that they see the others side as a lesser side with no right to their opinion.  I watch both of the conventions, and not just the staged hour that the liberal media allows us to see.  I find it funny this morning that the news, even ABC is telling us the Dems  Creation of an extensive network of safe bicycle paths in urban areas" but the word God couldn't be added? That tells me where their respect of God lies, less than recycling and bike paths.  Sad state that....  I did note that the Republicans weren't afraid to include God in their platform much like our forefathers, who honored God, the designers of this country, the place that allowed you and your family to enjoy the right to say what you want and believe what you want.  Beware of what you ask for you just might get it.  Everyday the liberals beg for God to get out of their country, they just might get it and then what?  I see the horror of that as something they might deserve but do the rest of us that love and honor God?..... tomorrow.

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