Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A devistating accident stretches the resources very thin for our little town.

Poppie was taking the kids to school this morning, at the bottom of our hill where the interstate passes by there was a horrendous accident.  A small SUV was smashed in and you could tell it was bad.  There were two cars on our road stopped help, presumable, and two cars stopped on the interstate.  One of my friends heroically jumped the fence and started running to the scene. From the other vehicle on our road out stepped a woman who had nothing better to do than drain resources that were soon to be in great need and we have so few here.  She left her kids in her car and went to the back of her vehicle and lay on the ground in a fetal position whaling.  The car in the accident was not local in the end from a state not even next to ours so she had no possible connection to the vehicle.  The heroic woman was on the phone as she ran to the scene.  The useless woman wasn't on the phone, wasn't ministering to her own children much less trying to aid the dying children and soon took up valuable resource when one of the next cars that stopped had to pat her and see if she was hurt.  Eventually one of the ministers in town came to the scene, at a high rate of speed, to comfort her, he wasn't there to comfort the people in the vehicle however he was there for the woman.  How very sad.  The wreck was a fatality, the ambulance in our little town had to come and go back and forth to the scene three times apiece.  An infant died and more injuries were sustained, I have not actually heard an official count.  I am saddened by the publican that stole resources from the dying to draw attention to herself and wasn't even of comfort to her own children who must have been terrified left alone in the vehicle as their mother writhed on the ground.  I am so proud of the woman who did the best she could to call for help and administer to the injured and dying.  I am proud say I know the one and ashamed to have ever meant the other.  Tragedy brings out the best in some and confirms the rotten in others.  I pray for all involved, the hero, the children left to comfort themselves, the dead and the injured and even for the woman who truly needs to get down on her knees and pray for her short comings.  It was bad enough that she didn't help but worse that she stole resources from the dying.....  Poppie didn't stop to block the road and be a spectator, he had a whole vehicle of children that were in need of his comfort and he, seeing that the ambulance was coming continued on least he be in the way.... The scene was described to me by three different people, who passed by, and did not stop and get in the way of precious resources at this scene. All three had the same accounting of what unfolded.

We have since heard the vehicle had six kids and three adults in it.  None of the people in the car were wearing seat belts, it was a roll over accident. The baby died, one person was sent to Seattle, and all the rest are in unknown conditions.  The Lord be with them in this their hour of need.  We rarely have occasion to be face to face with a tragedy that plays out in front of us.  The Lord hold them in his arms and his will be done... tomorrow.

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