Monday, September 10, 2012

Does the more things change the more they stay the same ring true for you? It does for me....

I had a conversation the other day that was very interesting to me.  Cubbie and Boy come to Church with us sometimes.  Son doesn't like to go to Church much, he was rigidly made to go to Church as a child.  He decided along time ago he was not going to make his kids go to Church.  I don't actually know what his relationship with God is, I do suspect that it is alot closer than he would like anyone to know.  He doesn't work on Sundays if he can help it, it is after all a day of rest.  He and Mokie came to Church with us one Sunday so he isn't totally against going, he did say later "it was church".  Well Cubbie loves to come to Church, Boy likes to came once he gets there but he is not outspoken to go.  Several weeks ago Son told Cubbie she could go the following week but not that week.  The next week came and she came to spend the night so she could go to Church.  Well her dad told her she had to come home and she couldn't go to Church broke her heart and she cried all the way home as her mom carried her across the yard.  A couple of days later I told Mokie, you know not allowing a child to go to church that loves to go is as bad as forcing a child that doesn't want to go to go, Son is making a mistake in forcing her not to go.  Mokie had a talk with Son and he decided to allow her to go when ever she wants to go but that no one can make her go. Well she is as tickled pink as can be, she loves to go and can know. 

It got me to thinking about the things in life that must have been the same always.  Has the want or the not want to go to Church always been a part of life, probably not the way it is now, in old times many more people went and no child would have thought they could stay home so probably never thought to asked, but I am sure there were lots that had to go much like Son did.  So maybe the same.  I do find that new mothers and pregnant mores are a creature that never changes no mater the generation, the era, the education level or economical level.  Did you ever notice how every young newly wed that got pregnant is always so shocked it has finally happened, and finally happened could be the night of their wedding or years later, finally is really in the eye of the beholder.  Each new mother to be experiences  the wonder of conception, the mystery of the process to come.  They almost have a feeling of having done something that no one else has ever done, they are going to give birth after all, they are creating a new life, they are a miracle and they are creating a miracle don't you know.  It is so cute to see them experience this experience.  It only happens in the first pregnancy.  Second pregnancy the mystery is gone, the kid on their lap is screaming and reminding them that maybe it is good that it takes nine months to have a baby, they need time to prepare after all.  Did you ever see a first time mother with her baby? Did you ever feel that overwhelming feeling of becoming a mother?  It is something I can't explain and won't even try but it is comparable to nothing on earth.  I am not sure the fathers feel it or maybe it is that they don't feel it the same way.  It is an experience that happens in and instant, one second they are inside of you and a part of your body and the next there is a little independent person in your arms.  Daddy's experience the new independent person in their arms I would think much the same as mommas do but not the part of being part of your body.  I can't imagine that this would have been any different for people a thousand years ago.  The parent wonders of what am I going to do to make this little persons life better than mine? can I take care of him the way I need to?  the way I want to?  What if I fail?  Will I succeed, how can I not?  What will he become?  Can I do the right things by her?  Really are the questions any different today?  It is funny every parent in time has counted all the toes and fingers.  They all look to see what the baby is, well in this day and age the don't look at the babies parts they look on a screen and hope to see parts that will give them the answer so I suppose still looking at parts to know what God sent them.  God's special gift just for them. 

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