Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Booboo turns nine, time is ever passing running threw our hands......

I remember cutting her umbilical cord like it was yesterday. I got to give her her first bath and then she came home a few days later to be the baby of my heart.  She is my last baby, not more special than any of the rest but oh so special in her own right.  They all are and they are all my favorite.  I have heard from some that that is a cop out but it isn't it is all in how you live your life.  I have special moments and special feeling and special time with each.  I have always tried to make special time with each.  All need different things from me and share different things with me.  Don't you have more than one BFF.  I do.  I have many people I cherish for many different reasons.  I think it is called mulitloving, a lot like mulittasking but a whole lot better, try it.

She is the youngest of my five children, I am blessed to have three youngest in ways.  One my biological youngest who was my youngest for 19 years all on her own.  She will always have that place in my heart and she isn't in favor of giving up the place in my heart and sometime fights with the two younger ones just because she can and wants to.  She treats them just like any other sister would. I am glad that she has this relationship with them even if it causes me to have to break up fights; I wouldn't think I would have to with a 28 (on October 2nd)year old.  Sibling rivalry is alive and well here don't you know.   I have Yogie and Booboo, both the youngest and they tend to live their lives at the same age.  I know, and they know, they are different in age but they choose to do things together. Mokie said she thinks they will date at different ages, I know them and I know they won't, they choose to be together for many reasons and they will make that step into life at the same time by choice I am sure.  They share to much of who they are and will want to share that too I know.  But thank goodness that time is years away, hopefully more than I think.  We are trying to raise them with college as their goals and life as adults has all the time in the world to unfold.

Booboo is my Yogie's bigger sister but she is her younger sister and today we celebrate the beauty of our Booboo Bear.  She is a golden child in appearance and in her kindness and her soul.  She is a light that without which we would be the lesser.  She brings so much sunshine to others and she hasn't even started as yet.  She will be a beauty all of her life, and that has nothing to do with the physical beauty she is.  She is a gift from God in all levels.  I am a blessed person to have her in my life, God truly blessed our lives by giving her to us.  Happy birthday my dearest one, and my last one..... tomorrow.

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