Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Virginia chunks done and ready to can this morning, It is to frost tonight. Eleven years ago......

I do the last step and add the last of the sugar to my Virginia chunk pickles this morning.  I will get them canned up this afternoon.  Cubbie has her pre-school so Preschool will be here this morning.  It will be nice to see her and spend time with her.  Cubbie has a new "red" dress and black tights.  I was proud of Mokie for buying her the red.  Red is my favorite color and it looked so lovely on Mokie as a baby, she wore a lot of it, even as a little girl, so she hates it, but it was soooo pretty on her.  It will be so nice to see Cubbie in her new red dress.

It is to frost tonight and tomorrow night.  Poppie is going to cover his great pumpkin and some of the cukes to see if he can save them as it is to get warm again on Thursday.  He is going to button up the greenhouse so that the peppers and tomatoes fair well.  The rest he will just let it be and see what happens.  What will be will be and no sense in worrying.  We are practicing nonworrying don't you know.  It was funny that this week we decided to live with no worries, as the Lord told us to, and at the restaurant yesterday I got a message in a fortune cookie to help me remember, it said, "no need to worry! you will always have everything that you need."  God does talk to us and reassures us if only we listen to him and for him.

Today we mourn the loss of those 2976 souls who one day went to work and through no fault of their own they were murdered and became everlasting heroes in our country.  I know not who they were for the most part and never meant one of them.  Their friends and loved ones do and sorrow for their loss daily.  I do know that from afar I mourned them and will on this day all of my life.  How the loss of someone I didn't know can effect me more than some of my own lost loved ones I don't know but it does.  It is because they gave their lives for us as innocents.  Everyday I think to honor the ones the volunteer to give theirs for us and do honor the soldiers of every branch but these souls gave their lives for us through no knowledge of their own.  Some of them did in the end do wondrous acts of bravery for others, some of them ran in and tried to help and save, in an unsaveable situation, but for the most part they paid with their lives because of the will of a truly evil and treacherous terrorists.  They were innocents, or collateral damage as some call it, but to me they could have been my brothers, my sisters, my mom or my dad.  They could have been and were the loved ones of any of ours.  They were Americans, they were us and could have been any of us.  I think that is why we will always remember, we as Americans are a family, dysfunctional rowdy, multi religious, multi-racial and multi-lots of different things but a big family that like any family in the end loves each other.  Today we mourn the passing of our family members and our sorrow should be known and heard because we lost something so precious................tomorrow.

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