Friday, September 7, 2012

Poppie fixes the deck, grain delivered as blessing, and food for the winter to come.

Poppie promised all spring to fix the deck, he just couldn't find the time to do it.  We were both worried that some one would fall through it, well me more than him, at the fourth party.  Well this week is the week it finally gets fixed.  He took all the boards off, he is putting them on the way they should have been put on in the first place.  He had been in the middle of building it when he had his accident all those years ago, 4.  Bug finished it for him and wanted to fix it right, in the first place, but Poppie wouldn't hear of it, his mind wasn't working exactly right and was not open to any one's opinion.  It was soon apparent that it should have been made the other way, boards perpendicular to the studs for strength even if it wasn't as pretty as he wanted it.  He had used upcycled studding so putting the studs the other way wasn't an option just the decking was.  So Poppie has spent the week fixing the decking the other way and raising the deck.  It had settled as well due to it being build on newly excavated ground from the foundation.  He got to fix all of it this week. It is still an inch to big a step so maybe next year he will add a new layer of deck boards on top and they can be the same way as the studding as they will be on top and he can have his pretty back. We are going to screen it in, put a roof on it and get some pretty burls for upright posts as well so that will be cool, already have the burls picked out. 

Poppie called to make arrangements for grain and blessing of blessings the man who runs the feed stores son is babysitting it for the long term and he was able to bring it to town for us, as he lives here, and we didn't have to take time to travel to go get it.  What a nice happenstance.  Poppie picked cukes and zucchini's for me.  I got to make up dill pickle relish, is it called that if it is Zucchini? I also got 3 jars of cucumber dill pickles as well, all the ones I get to make I do even if it is a little batch, that way they don't get to big and not make nice pickles.  I got to do them with the relish so that was great.  I have a whole bunch of less than 12 inch zucchini's awaiting becoming hamburger chips this morning.  I may try to make a small batch of Virginia chunks out of zucchini's but I will have to adapted the recipe so only making a little batch just encase it is a flop.  I am going to cut out the week of soaking as my mom tried it once, and to quote her, got slimy snakes, (the zucchini's turned into soft green slim that did look like snakes). I decided, to make up for the difference in the fruits, to try the ice cube soak that you have to do in regular recipes for the difference.  Let's hope it works but if not I will have tried.  I have the second day of step one on my regular Virginia chunks today.  So canning and laundry for me. 

Poppie says I worry, I know Poppie worries so we are taking to heart the message from Tuesday night.  Matthew 25-34.  We are going to seek first the kingdom of the Lord and his righteousness, and all things will be added to us.  The worrying will be gone as we try to let God have our worry.  We are now reading for one half hour in the mornings at 6, well as close to 6 as the Ladies can drag themselves out and join us, so the Lord will be the first thing we seek everyday as a remembrance that we are putting the Lord first in  our lives in all ways.   Have a great and worry free day.... Tomorrow.

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