Friday, September 21, 2012

Pigs go to market and Cubbie is not happy, she rides a "horse".

We started out the morning with a pig rodeo.  Poppie took all the kids, he has four on the trip to school and 5 on the return trip everyday, and came home.  He hitched up the trailer and took it around back to the pig pen; because he had to go threw the goat pen he had let all the big goats out in the yard and gave them some hay to hold them over earlier.  He backed up the trailer to the gate and came in for a cup of coffee before the rodeo began.  Mokie brought the girls over to stay with Nannie while they loaded.  Cubbie was sobbing when they came in the house.  I asked her "what was wrong?"  Her mom said she was sad about the piggy's going to market.  They aren't always as open about which pigs are food and which are friends that stay as we are.  I told Mokie that is why the girls get threw it better.  Nannie talked with her and told her that the piggies were going to be pork chops so that people would have nice food to eat and that Charolette was going to get to stay and be a mommie pig.  She was happy that there would be more baby pigs and that someone would get to have a nice pork chop, she likes pork chops.  Three went to the meat man, he has a whole pig ordered and the littlest one will fill that order that other two will be processed through his shop.  The last pig is going to be processed for Thor the last of our market pigs this year.  Since both of our pigs are being bred this week we are going to buy a couple piglets from Mokie and Son to raise up for future market pigs.  It is nice that the local meat processor gets them from us when he has a need, if we have some.

Poppie, Mokie and Bug went out to load the pigs.  They got the first three in the trailer right away, the last smallest female was a pain, of course she was the most important one that needed loaded.  They had locked Miss Chops (formerly Swiss Miss Chops) and Charlotte away from the others but the little one got in and they had to all be let out to get her out of the pen.  Bubbles and I went out to see how they were progressing and were enlisted to hold the gate where they were and make sure the little sow didn't try to get in with them again.  It was a short time before Mokie and Son caught her a dragged her to the trailer, Poppie opened the gate while keeping the other three captured and soon the deed was done.  They were all eating grain in the back of the trailer as Poppie and Bug took them to the market.  Poppie said they all jumped right out of the trailer at the meat shop and they returned the trailer to it's home.

Cubbie spent a great part of the day missing and when her mom went to investigate her where abouts, there she would in the goat pen, it is a good thing the goat pen is in full view of Mokies kitchen windows.  She has picked out Star to be her "horse'.  Star is Mokie's biggest doe.  She is remarkable gentle and accommodating.  Cubbie has learned to ride her around the pen with no halter of anything.  She uses her knees to stay on and around the pen they go.  Sometimes when it is feeding time she get bumped by the other goats in there excitement to eat but our Cubbie takes it in stride.  Sometime Star dips her shoulder and slides Cubbie on to the ground.  Cubbie just gets right back on, is that a buck in goat language?  hmmm, I think it is, Cubbie gets bucked off and gets right back on.  She picks her friend buckets of grass and the whole herd follows her around to get their share.  She is a goatwoman, or "horsewoman" to her core.  She is not afraid of my biggest buck and he knows it so he acts like a kitten to her.  He does intimidate her mom though and he knows that too, too funny.  Cubbie is alot like her mom.  She is in her realm in the goat pen and with her animals.  Mokie used to play on an old station wagon that Poppie had for them to play in when she was about Cubbies age.  My mom would come over and be so worried when Mokie would be on the roof crawling into a window below her. I would say to my mom "she is fine, just don't watch because she is fine".  My mom never did understand that she was in her element.  Our Cubbie is in her element every day of her life on the farm, isn't that nice to live in your element, the queen of your world?...... tomorrow.

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