Thursday, September 20, 2012

How or why are we so different?

I find it interesting that in somethings in our world of late there seems to be a distinct polarization of mankind.  Just look at the up rising in the middle east.  Several years ago when it began, and don't kid yourself it wasn't Tunisia like my young friend so rudely implied to me.  It was the green up rising of Iran but since the liberal young hadn't gotten on board with that they didn't recognize it back then, some do now but since it wasn't their idea of the social media revolution and it wondrous evolution at the time they didn't see it.  I, at the time, made the explanation when one of the young people, said have you ever seen anything like it before?  Ummm several states revolting together to throw off the oppression of a singular authority over them,  I suggested it was a modern version of possibly the 13 states that we know?  NO, I was wrong, the young one said it is more it is wonderful it is new to our age, really?  Well now we know I was wrong it was so similar and the chance for true democracy was at their doorsteps, they sort of reached out and grabbed it but the goal was not reached by any of the young people who so tried to throw off their tyranny in the end, not Neda, not the young in Tahrir square, or the all the rest of the people who died and are dieing for a better life for themselves and their families.  Was it a difference of how they perceived their world that lead to the different outcome? (Well the outcome is not known as yet but it doesn't look like they will become truly democratic)  Was it an ideological difference?  Was it that true democracy was not part of their fiber and they are not capable of it, I have heard that said, but is it true?  Why would the out come of two uprisings, two hundred years apart be so different.  I don't think it was the social media, because during the American uprising we were using our cutting edge media as well, and two hundred years from now social media will be as antiquated as the printing press pamphlets and two lanterns in a Church steeple are now.  The will of the people to make their lives better at the cutting edge of their communications won't be.  Will the uprising of the future generations have better outcomes, or will they be as different as these two as they are from one another?

Why are we so different from on another, and I don't mean from country to country as the last examples clear were.  Eastern and Western philosophies are so different they may not be a fair comparison.  Religious beliefs can be so different in the east and the west.  I am asking about the difference in those of us who fought together to become America?  Yes, we have added lots of new faces to our country and do every day, but when it gets down to brass taxes they are the same as we who have been here some 500 years.  They left their countries, homes and families to seek out something better.  They came and come for religious freedom, to escape tyranny, they come to make better lives for themselves and their kids, so they, and we, are still all Americans.  So, why as Americans are we so different still?  We are here because we wanted the same for our lives, so how can that dream, the same dream be so different?  How can there be an Obama and a Romney.  They both want to lead us, they both love their families, they both are on extreme opposites of the same argument. 

They are the leaders of two totally different ideologies that seems to be straining the fibers of our country.  How do two kids grow up in this county who have good families, good educations and lead good lives see the country from such different points of view.  How is it that abortionists and pro-lifers are subject to the same country influences end up hating one another and believing they are in the right of it?  How is it that a redistributor and a small governmenter co-exist?  How is it that socialists and capitalists grow in the same garden?  We are an amazing country where all are welcome, we have the right to voice our opinions and each is allowed to exist.  We are as different as the poles of this earth but in the end we manage to find some common ground, or have been able to for 225+ years, so I have faith that we will continue to do so.  We are an amazing place to live and I hope that we will be for the foreseeable future.  I am glad that we didn't fall back under the authority of singular rule, or the rule of the oppressors, before we made our way to the great United Country that we are.  I love that God gave us our wonderful country, and will honor him for the gift all of my life, and that he let me live here, with all our faults and dysfunctionality.... tomorrow.

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