Saturday, September 1, 2012

The fair calls our name as Booboo wish for her birthday. Caught up with Lady.

Poppie was a doll and let me have a morning out with Lady.  We had coffee chatted about out lives, and her wondrous adventures with her precious little grandsons.  She told me of how sad her oldest little one was to see them leave on the airplane,  So sad when families live so far away and they can't have more time with their grand kids.  I do cherish my time with mine.  I am so saddened by the little time I get with so many on them as well.  I have a traditional relationship with some, once in awhile I see them and get to spend limited time with them.  I also have an active role in some of their lives.  I spend time with them daily and am left with them for great periods of time, so my mothering kicks in and they are taught what I know to teach them when they are with me.  My son once said "what happens at Nannies stays at Nannies", sort of like Vegas I suppose, well not like Vegas as what people hide when they go to Vegas probably isn't something I would ever share with anyone much less the Grands, but I digress.  I think that the difference is the level of trust my kids have in me, the ones that allow me to be so into my grands lives, it has to do with trusting that my relationship is a positive thing and a benefit to their kids lives.  I am honored that my kids allow that for their kids and me,  Poppie and I have so much to give, and no it's not monetary its love and life's lessons, and the kids get to experience something that is so positive in their lives, well they may not thinks so when they are standing in the corner, but it is.  We are blessed that God gave us this in our lives. 

Today we are off to the Sanders County Fair, the fair of my childhood.  We usually go on Sunday but this year we are reestablishing going on Saturdays ( we have Church on Sunday) as we did with the older kids when we took them, we didn't always go ever year then. We go every year as Booboo's birthday is on the fourth and like Yogie they have a special request for their birthdays, Yogie's is camping or floating the river.  Booboo's is going to the fair and carnival.  We go and check out all the exhibits first, the animals, the veggies, the crafts and flowers.  They are ready for the rides by then, so Poppie and I spend hours following them from one ride to the next.  We get some food from the food booths and soon the day will wind down, sometimes we pick up a lug of fruit from a fruit vendor and then we drive home all wore out from the excitement of the day.  All around a great time.  As a child I saw and old movie with Burl Ives in it I think maybe called State Fair, it had Haley Mills in it as well, sort of a Charlotte's Web theme.  I never thought of it before but it is alot like our current lives.  A year of farming and the daily struggles and joys that can brings that crescendo's into day of fun at the fair.  I think that is a comforting thought, 80-60 years later and life here has changed little, I like that.  Modern life has many a choices and you can make a choice to live it at your own pace.  I was not born in the wrong era, God would never make a mistake much less put me where I didn't belong but I can choose to live at the pace I want.  I can choose to give my kids values, traditions, ethics and the love of God.  God should be and is the most important thing in their lives.

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