Thursday, August 30, 2012

Cucumbers glore and more, Faith is a funny thing, so much different for each of us, a personal thing.

Spent the morning canning 5 bean salad,  I put a few jalapenos in it just for kicks.  I was happily on my way to finishing the last of 15 quarts when my friend called to see if I wanted to buy 60 lbs of cukes that her husband was picking.  20 of which would be little picklers and 40 general run, suitable for sweet pickles.  I told her my kids didn't eat bread and butters so I would have to let them eat the really big ones and make the rest into my Grandma Gladys Virginia Chunks, the only sweet pickle that I ever eat.  I just don't like sweet pickles.  Mokie said she wanted some of them so she went out and picked them up for us.  She took 20 lbs and I took 40.  I put the little ones up in jars for kosher dill pickles, ended up with 12 quarts, one jar were ones the Poppie brought me from his garden, the rest should be on by the next week, if no frost comes.  All in all a fruitful day of canning.  I have Virginia Chunks to start this morning, it is a 3 week process then I will get to can them, all worth the effort.  I am hoping to some dill green beans today but I will put them up in pints, so that will be fun as well.

Lady called me last night she is home from a wondrous adventure in Alaska with her kids and two little grandsons.  I am so blessed to have some of my grands near enough to see daily and miss all the ones I don't get to see on a regular enough bases to even have a relationship with them, so sad.  She had read my facebook status of Poppies being saved.  Poppie is becoming more comfortable in his salvation so is happy to have the good wishes from those who have commented.  He really is a private person, and has no idea that so many people care for him and love him.  A totally humble and real person. 

Lady asked how it happened?  It was a question that caught me by surprise a little.  Bug asked his dad if he did it for himself or for mom?, another unexpected query I suppose but then maybe not.  I really did have to contemplate these two questions. Not in the immediate moment because the short answers were simple. " NO', Poppie said to Bug "I didn't do it for mom, what purpose would that serve?  I did it for me."  That probably surprised Bug more than had Poppie said I did it for mom just to get her to quit nagging me.  Though I don't think anyone would endure 32 years of nagging if they just did to stop the nagging after only 32 years.  You would have just done it and stopped the nagging to begin with.  So A dumb question had he just listened to his own words.  I told Lady he had really started changing about a year ago and then became more called as we attended Church this year.  That was my simple answer to my friend who was glad for Poppie.  So many countless friends sent there congratulations to him, he really had no idea so many people would be so happy for him. 

I have since had time to contemplate.  NO, Church alone didn't do it as we have spent many a year in Church it was only in the last number of years we hadn't been able to so that was not it alone.  Faith is a wondrous thing.  God calls to us all of our lives but we have to be ready to hear the call.  God calls and knows are heart he knew us before the earth was created and knew the time of our birth, the time of our salvation and the time of our death.  We are an open book to our Lord and God knew Poppies salvation, as he does all of our salvation's, at the time he established the pillars of the earth.  Isn't it wondrous how we are so loved, and God gave so much for us, not us as a whole, though he does that as well, but us as an individual.  We are all, each and every one of us, the most special thing that God ever created.  How glorious if we could only believe that to the bottom or our souls.  We so much of the time can't fathom that God would love us at all and love us that much is so mind blowing.  All our salvation's are a personal journey in God's time and at God's knowing.  How glorious that is... tomorrow.

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