Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Canning has come again, Hearts goes to a new home, and still there is politics.

I spent the last couple of days beginning my canning.  I do wish I could get a second pressure canner.  I am working on buying one from Grandpa, or Ebay. My lovely little beauty only does 5 quarts at a time, oh to have one that can do 19 can you imagine?  I canned 19 quarts of goat/veggie stew, two didn't seal so the Boy, Big Sister and Second got to sample them for me.  Big Sister and Boy each ate two bowls and Second ate one, I guess that is a thumbs up.  I ended up with 9 quarts of chili, 10 quarts of milk.  I ended up finding a second recipe that I think is better.  Takes less heat in the process so the milk stayed white and should be drinkable.  Yay. I froze two lugs of peaches and have two more coming.  Using the other for jelly's and eating, I made 11 jars of what was to be peach jelly but if it doesn't set up it is peach syrup.  I do so like that when you screw up jelly you can just rename it and no one knows the difference.  Well the ladies who make syrup probably guess what you did but the rest of creation is oblivious....  Poppie took me on a field trip of his beautiful garden and the green beans will be overwhelming in a week so I have to get ready for them to come.  He has a beautiful pumpkin on his giant pumpkin plant that will make lots of pie filling, okay so most people don't go on a garden walk and see future jars in the pantry but to each our own.  Poppie and I were both so proud, just not sure for the same reason, maybe it's a man and woman thing?

Hearts found a good home with Preschool, she was looking for a goat for her grandboy and Hearts seemed to be ideal.  Hearts was part Nigerian so he was of small stature.  We had not harvested him when we harvest the other little buckling and withers, as he was just too small.  I am told that he was welcomed with open arms by a lovely little boy who will love him dearly so his place in life was in another direction.  I am thinking as he came into this world with hearts as markings and didn't get a food name it was his destiny.  I do know God makes plans for us all and Hearts's was to be a little guys friend.

Foster and Tinker came and got a pair of turkeys from us.  The big toms were about to kill one another so it was a blessing to see the tom go for sure.  I think that my tom will do fine with the three ladies he has left.  Well let's hope so and that the queen turkey can be a lady and not harass her two ladies in waiting.   Funny how all of the animal have a peaking order, goats, chickens, turkeys and pigs.  The rabbits all have their own cages so they don't usually beat each other up but the ones that do spend a great deal of time seeing who is best or the leader.  Reminds me of election politicking.

I do so hate the mudslinging of politicking, it is so terrible.  I do know that the negative adds are more effective than the nice ones but this year seems especially horrible.  I don't know that there have ever been more lies that are blatantly put out there and shoved down our throats.  I think my biggest problem is that the media used to be unbiased and more fair but now for the most part it is all owned by the liberals.  I have a friend who is generally a Democrat asking the opinion of her conservative friends and where to find information that was unbiased, as she uses the democratic sites and wanted to try and understand the republican view.  She is married to a republican by the way, sort of a James Carville and Mary Joe Matalin.  I digress.  Anyway I told her that she needed to read, read and read, both sides of the issue and wade through the spin.  I told her she needed to watch different views of the spin, the networks (nbc, abc, cbs, cnn, msnbc) all of the liberal media and then give fox equal time.  She was aghast that she should watch fox, okay so maybe she doesn't want to know anything about the other side of the coin.  Why asked if you didn't really want to know?  If you think you are educating yourself on the issues and you only watch or read the side you want to hear anyway, then is that really educating yourself or just pandering to your own beliefs in a fish bowl?  I atleast try to understand why some one believes something and look at the other side of the issue, it's like debate don't you know.  I try to make an educated decision.  The spin this year is pretty bad to cut through.  It really does help to know who owns the company that the news come from, sad that journalism has gotten so askew in this day and age. I am not saying that there hasn't always been lies and spin in politic because there has it's just that in this real time era it is much more overwhelming and in your face.  Just think two hundred years ago the spin traveled at the speed of foot or horse or boat, and then telegraph, then phone and onward and upward to today's nano seconds, is that really progress?  Gossips has always been more fun than the truth that's why it is a sin.... tomorrow.

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