Friday, August 10, 2012

Vegas come to visit, life is good and we had fun sharing ours.

Vegas came around 3 yesterday,  I had made up a batch of liquid soap/shampoo earlier in the day.  It was just getting to the creamy Vaseline stage when she arrived only the clear Vaseline stage to go to be done cooking.  We let it cook as we made cold process soap, liquid soap is hot process soap.  I made sure to stir it every once in awhile.  Vegas had used her shampoo and had really liked it.  She got to measuring all the oils, the milk and the lye for her soap.  We had a whole passel of little eyes watching us.  They all thought she was the greatest so had to watch her every move, sort of like kids do with a fish in a fish bowl.  She took it all in stride, talked to  the littles, and got big grins from Bubbles and Cubbie, as she made her measurements.  The older kids got to fighting and tattling so they were in comfort zone with her.  It was funny, as I don't have a stick blender, and I am not buying another just to ruin, I have no patience for the spin and wait system, I am an all out sort of person  it is my general way so not good for any stick blenders so will do without.  Therefore I have gone to using my kitchen aide mixer and it does great, slow and steady like the turtle it gets the Job done.  Vegas blended up her oils, it looked like icing when she got done.  I hadn't ever blended it that much, usually just a good mix and then the lye.  Well when she added the lye it was almost immediate trace, (trace is like when you stir pudding and can see the path of the spoon like you are writing with it).  Trace is where you are trying to get to in soap making.  She added the fragrance oil and orange peel.  Mokie started to chat and I had to tell them it was setting up, some fragrances make the soap set faster than other, we were using my new fragrances so had no idea how fast that one was going to set.  We quickly got it in to the molds.  It didn't really sponify normally but it did have a sponification, I hope it turned our as she took the soap with her to unmold today.  Can't wait to find out the results.  

We were then on to knitting.  I showed her longtail casting on, and continental knitting.  I find it is the best way.  No goal posts in the cast on and adults don't need to learn the techniques twice, with some children it is better to teach the simple cast on and the throwing method.  She was a natural.  She will get the tension as that comes with practice.  I have taught several people in the last few years this style of knitting, and have found it very effective.  One of my dear friends, who I had tried to teach years ago and it was a bust, learned in just a few minutes, she is left handed so that was a challenge and she did superbly well.  Our dear Shorts, she made all of her grandkids hats and mitts in record time, so proud of her.  Lady knitter was a whirlwind, I taught her so little and she exploded, she is a wonderful knitter, and like me a self teachers so she is better than I am and in such a short time frame.  I have great hopes for Vegas, hope to show her how to purl before she has to leave to go home, it would be so sad to know the knitting and not know the purling.  I told her she can know look at any YouTube video or books for more techniques, I can't wait to see her first completed project.  I hope she will post a photo.  Knitting in hand we were one to milking.  '

The Ladies were in their element they had awaited their turn to "teach" with baited breath.  They opened the gate and out came Gladys, she ran over to the stanchion and got herself in to position.  Vegas was amazed,  she said "do they always do that?"  "Yes", they love the grain reward and stand like ladies to get it.  The stanchion is a pure treasure in the milking process.  Gladys can be tricky so Vegas just got to watch,  then it was Spices turn.  Gladys went in the pen and out came Spice jumped on the stanchion and into her squat.  Vegas got behind her, we milk from the back I know post people milk goats from the side but we do it from the back like a cow.  Yogie showed her how to make the bubble and squeeze.  She did well.  She was amazed that it was harder to do than she had thought it would be.  She had milked cows before, we haven't so we have no knowledge of the difference.  She did a great job then wanted to know if the goat was empty.  Yogie said "no" and finished her off, I took photos of her milking so she would have them to share with her friends.  Milking done it was time for her to go home, to make dinner for her folks, she has been giving her dear dad a break from cooking this week.  Her mom is on the mend from a long illness so her visit has been a true blessing in their lives.  We were so sad to see her go, we only got to spend a short time with her but we solidified a life long friendship.  I don't have that many close friends, lots of acquaintances but few special ones.  Funny most of my special ones I don't get alot of time with, just a few, most of the rest I get short bits of special time with, I think she is the newest one of my friends I will get short bits of special time with, what a true blessing from the Lord. 

Today I have kids, none yesterday, nice break.  We have baking to do, and I have to finish the shampoo today, I am going to put fragrance in some of it and leave some plain for individual scenting.  Pies, sourdough bread and bagels today, well maybe a couple of foccacias too.  We have orders for the sourdough and the bagels.  The pies are a given, they are the girls best seller.  Today we are going to do triple berry, strawberry and maybe peach.  Whole wheat bagels for Drama and we had requests for them at the market.  Off on a busy day, I hope you enjoy your day and the Lord blesses your life as he does mine daily..... tomorrow.

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