Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Ladies and Boy go to school, Cubbie gets preschool at Nannie's.

The Ladies are off on a new adventure at school.  Booboo to third, Yogie to fourth and Boy goes to kindergarten.  Cubbie is going to get to do pre-school at Nannies so an exciting day for all the littles.  Bubble will get alone time with her mom so that will be a special blessing for her.  Yogie got all of her over the summer math done and is so proud to take it this morning to her math teacher.  They are all excited about wearing just the right thing.  I do so love when they are still predictable and life is a pleasure in the eyes of the innocent child.  I am not looking forward to the time when I become stupid and I failed on every level in the things I did for them.  Well maybe it won't be as bad the second time around, but I digress.  I am just going to enjoy the ride as it come and hope I don't become stupid and fall off in my idiocy.

I really do want to know when I am no longer responsible for all the problems in their lives once they are adults?  Well to some of them, others think I am a person of value and that maybe their problems could be of their own making. I just hope that I can weather their growth and hope to be still standing when they reach their enlightenment.  Funny, I went through this with Poppie years ago, I told him to get over his past and get on with his life, made him a better person. Sure wish the child was as smart as the parent, but somehow no, it is all our fault.  I am all for living in the present, can't change the past, don't know the future but sitting and whining about what was and not fixing what is, is not the answer.  I may be at fault but then not one person I know had a perfect life, we grow up get over it and become who we were meant to be.  Sorry for those who can't but you can't fix any ones life but your own and that is a full time job, with no room for managing others lives. 

I am happy to hear the pleasant voices of two excited little girls, brushing their teeth with no complaining, and excited for their new year to begin.  Oh, for the joy and innocence of a child... tomorrow.

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