Saturday, August 11, 2012

Farmers market was a great turn out, lots of veggies and people. Vegas says goodbye.

The farmers market had a great turn out.  There were 4 vendors selling veggie from their gardens. Beautiful summer squashed, onions, cukes, peppers sweet and hot, huckleberries?, raspberries, lettuces, cabbages, herbs, flowers, beets, Swiss chard, a regular plethora of garden bounty.  There were the regular buyers that are true supports of the local farmers market.  I wish more people would come out to support the growers, they work hard and almost always have produce to take home.  I like the banner I saw at the rodeo, it said something about buying locally, and supporting your local business or you will lose them.  This year the fee is a little more so the vendor do depend upon the locals coming out to buy.  Flower Child does her best to bring in more buyers, she really does alot of work putting on the market,  some of the fenders were crabby about it but she is doing her best to supply a community event that will build into a really nice Saturday must.  Priscilla and I were there with our soaps, we both have good clients that favor us with purchases.  It is nice that our soaps are different that ways we appeal to a different clientele.  The girls sold all their pies but one today, Poppie was so excited he had one to eat, they actually made 9 this weeks hoping he would get one.

Vegas stopped by the market to say goodbye as she and family are returning to Los Vegas in the morrow.  She is truly a doll and I am glad to have gotten to know her.  Tuckyrose stopped by to say hi, she is another new friend that I have made.  She is a self educated woman with lots of similar interest to me.  She told me how to pull the fleece out of the angora goat, which worked great.  She made me some ice cream to try last week which was a truly nice treat,  I have gotten to know her over the last year and have truly come to enjoy her company.  I think I offended a local lady on accident today.  I was helping another customer that had lots of questions and didn't actually get to help her as I should of so she walked away from my stand.  I do hope to make it up to her.  I don't think she has an email so will apologize to her daughter who is a friend of mine.  I am sorry to have offended her.

We came home to Poppie who had spent the morning making head way on his rabbit hutch building.  We convinced him to go on a ride up the creek.  He and the girls skipped rocks, he showed them the best techniques and the secrets of the art.  The girls waded back and forth across the creek, swam a little, as best they could in the shallow water. They tired to rebuild part of the dam that was washing away.  We hiked a little to a hidden cove that we took the older kids to when they were little, two trees had fallen and blocked the deep whole that we spent many a summer day at, sadly it no longer holds the charm it once did.  The girls and Poppie gathered small rocks for me to bring home to add to a sculpture I have had an artist block on for over a year.  I think they just might be the thing to finish it off just right.  The Ladies and I just whipped up a huckleberry cream cheese bread pudding to take to breakfastfest in the morning.  It is our turn to treat, we will bake it off in the morning so it will be nice and warm.  I hope you enjoyed your day and the Lord blessed all of you doings... tomorrow.

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