Saturday, August 25, 2012

Every dog gets it's day, or is it that God is in charge after all?

When I was a child my mother would rather say just about anything to not have to say bitch, and my mother was no stranger to saying some really bad words.  If you were being naughty, you know being a real bitch, she would say, "stop being a witch".  I have no idea why it would be more acceptable to say someone is a witch than a bitch, but it was.  Aren't witches the devils minions?  I do not and have never called my kids witches, if they were being bitches I told them that I didn't like them acting like bitches, or I said you are being a bitch, I tried never to say they were bitches.  I know splitting hair but it did make a difference to me.  I was appalled by the term bitchin' in the 80's don't ever remember saying it.  In the 2000's while at the sheriff's office and the helpline I learned to embrace the term bitch.  If some one called me a bitch it was almost a badge of honor, but then the term had really changed.  I do know that there are varying degrees of being a bitch and I am well aware of the different meaning and nuances of being a bitch.  I would hate to be called a bitch in heat for instance.

When I was around 8 or 9 my dad had a young female hound that jump out of the back of his jeep while on a hunt and hung herself.  I heard him say that if you give a bitch in heat enough rope she always hangs herself.  I didn't have any clue what he meant at the time, but I always remembered that giving a bitch enough rope was a deadly thing.  My dad bred hounds when I was a kid for many years.  We, at one time, had as many as 22 dogs.  Now you know why I am a sucker for the strays people bring me.  10 is for sure my limit though, really.  I digress.  I bred Pekingese dogs for about 10 years but no longer do.  Funny with all those dogs around I never got in the habit of calling a female dog a bitch, my mother had always made the term so horrible that I didn't know that a female dog was a bitch until I was an adult.  It made my dads statement alot clear when I found out and I had always know what an animal in heat had meant from a young age.  Funny how a little knowledge changes things. 

It has recently come to my understanding that a bitch in heat with alot of rope finally hung herself.  It was gratifying to hear, as those kind of bitches almost always have lots of victims and they don't care how many or who they hurt along the way.  I had said all along given enough rope she would, it is just nice that I didn't have to wait until the here after for it to have come to fruition.  Some time patience is a virtue and good things do come to those who wait, but most especially true evil seldom hides itself long term from the innocent or those that they deceive.  Too bad that it took so long, and two little girls lost so much, but then maybe what they lost was not God's plan for them and his will was done by the devils minion this time and not the other way around..... tomorrow.

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