Thursday, August 9, 2012

Vegas may stop by, Mokie and I had words, well maybe I gave her a lecture.

Vegas is still visiting and she emailed me yesterday that she might get to stop by, she wants to learn to milk (she has milked a cow so no problems, I have never even tried a cow), to make soap and to knit.  I will let you know what we get done.  The milking Yogie and Booboo will have to do the teaching as I have never been a good milker.  I currently have no incentive to keep it up, I have "milking machines".  I may have to invest in a real milking machine in the next ten years, before they go off to college for sure.  Well maybe I could get Cubbie and Bubbles to help me then..... I was to go huckleberring with Lady this afternoon but she is going on a vacation to visit her special little grandkids from Alaska so she has lots to do in the time until she leaves. I am going to get out of huckleberring, I think Poppie and the girls are going to take Grandpa and go, or maybe he will meet them there.  Either way Poppie is going to go on one last pick.

I was going through comments on my blog last night.  One was a very nice one from a nice Christian lady who had read a blog from January.  She was very nice and supportive of the girls and wanted to let us know that AWANAS was a great program and maybe we could try it again in the future.  I was heartened by her compassion and genuine comments.  I do know that at this pointed the Lord as definitely lead us in another direction and we are at home in the love of our Church but her heart felt love was very reassuring to our souls of the love of Christians in general.  I got two that were in spam, don't know why they were in spam, but I posted them too, they were nice heartwarming comments as well.  I am glad that I have been able to allow anonymous comments once again.  I do like to read other thoughts on subjects.

I had a long hard day yesterday.  There has been an issue for months that has bugged me.  Mokie is allowing herself to be used and won't stand up for herself.  Yesterday I had enough.  She is allowing me and the girls to be used as we help her and support her in the situation.  She agreed with my assessment and just was at a loss as to help the situation.  I think I finally prodded her enough to make the situation better or at least not allow the problem to continue.  I told her that she needs to fix the problem by a certain time or the girls and I are out, we won't help her after that date.  I think she has made some progress toward fixing it but we will see if it comes to fruition.  I do know that I am done on that date if she doesn't fix it and help herself.  The Lord's will will be done.

Bug stopped by he had some positives to share in his life, let's hope he stays with it and gets it done.  He really needs to get his life back on track.  He needs to decide what is important and work toward a goal.  His news may have been the Lord giving him some options, lets hope so.  I talked to Goofy on Yogie's birthday.  She didn't tell me but she told Poppie that they are going to be going to Germany for two years sometime next year.  They are hoping to visit before they go.  It will be nice for them I have been told numerous times that Germany is one of the best countries to visit and live in.  Twins daughter in law is from Germany and Twin's son meant her while he was stationed in Germany.  It will be a fun adventure for the four of them.  Funny it won't be that different for us, they live on the Mexican boarder now so both are farther than we can travel.  Poppie and I have never been on a plane, have no desire to do so, and the drive is not a reality for Poppie.  So Germany is for us no farther away so to speak.  It will be a long two years though.  But they will send pictures of castles I am sure, always wanted to see castles, they just don't have any here in the mountains of Montana. 

Off to finish the coffee Poppie gave me as he walked out the door and start a wonderful day..... tomorrow.

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