Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Conversations, a treasure and reward of Ladies days out......

I would imagine that anyone that knows me knows I like to talk, I am not sure it is because growing up you only got a small share of the stage with so many others actors to share it with, 7 or eleven depending upon the era.  I do like to talk to this day.  I generally use the time when I am not talking to fill up on facts to share with others so I have something to say the next time I get my chance to talk, probably why I a fount of useless knowledge, trivia and have taught myself how to do many a thing.  Poppie still has a problem when all the sisters get together, he say we all talk over each other then louder, and louder.  I have try to explain we are all talking and listening so twice as much gets said and heard, he is skeptical.  He just doesn't understand large families. 

I have always spent time talking to my kids, more so with my littlier ones but I am sure the older ones will tell you I talked them to death.  I never wanted to be my children's "friend" when they were growing up but I did want them to come to me first with their problems and for the most part I succeeded.  They didn't always tell me the little stuff, like about the naughty things they did, but they did always come to me with the big stuff, alcohol, drugs and sex.  So I guess I did okay.

I have tried to keep an open dialogue with my little Ladies as well, in many ways I am better at it now than I was then.  No family to talk over so much any more, but being alone with little kids and animals makes me like to talk in a different manner than before, I told you I like to talk.  Kids and animals are a captive audience.  I began talking with Yogie when she was still my granddaughter and it was just part of who were and so much more a part of who we are together. I have photos of me talking to her in the delivery room and you can see her responding to my voice, that was a observation that their Grandpa made.   Booboo likes to asked me such big adult questions and I have always tried to give her answers at the top of her understanding, but never a bigger answers than she was ready to hear, and hadn't asked about in the first place.  Bubbles, Cubbie and the Ladies all like to hear me sing to them, and no other living being would even want that, but they love that I sing to them.  Boy likes to hear me get after him, well he must as he fights with me everyday just so I will do it and then he helps me vacuum or sweep. Bug used to like to hear me fight with him.... Funny that.

The Ladies and I always take advantage of our girlie time to talk of things.  Yesterday they wanted to talk about what is Gay.  We were at the fair on Saturday night when the "cousin" of Second and Big Sister walked by, cousin is not their cousin by blood but by choice.  Both of my girls immediately said mom Cousin was wearing a dress.  I told them that was okay he just liked to dress up nice at the rodeo.  I didn't think that that rodeo was the best forum to talk about why Cousin would be dressed like a girl.  We did get time to talk on our trip to the Zoo.  I asked them if they knew what gay was.  They didn't.   I told them what it meant to be heterosexual, girls like boys and boys like girls.  I then told them that gay was when boys liked boys and girls like girls.  They took it all in stride and said "oh, like Cousin."  We talked about how it was a choice they made about how they want to live their lives, that like we make a choice they make a choice for themselves.  I told them that we should never call them bad names or be mean to them because of their choices for their lives.  We wouldn't call some one of a different color names, or someone with a disability names, so we should not call some one with a different life choice names.  They seemed to get it and think that I was silly for thinking that anyone would call someone names for that, but at least the seed of right is there or always was been I suppose. 

Another wonderful girls day, they are some of the best days.  Tiring and overfilled but the best.  They bought all the dresses any little girls would need, more pants, shoes and hair pretties.  Booboo was impressed the brand of the hair pretties was spelled exactly like her names, dots and all.  We had lunch, Starbucks and a great time.  Came home and had cake with Mokie and family, the girls went home with the cousins so a wonderful end to a full day..... tomorrow.

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