Sunday, August 5, 2012

Farmer's market, parade,river float, sunburned, rodeo and the grands on the floor.

The Ladies and I set up for the farmer's market then the Ladies deserted me to go ride on the Library Float, they had Pansy at their side.  She was a lady, she followed them around like a puppy on her leash and collar.  She stood on the float with them for some time then had enough and laid out at Yogies feet to enjoy the ride.  I took some photos of them, will download them later, I took some for the Library and some for mom.  I held down the fort so to speak at the farmer's market.  I got to see so many people my friend from Vegas, so I will call her Vegas, was home to visit her family.  It was wonderful to get to see her as a friend, last year I meant her at the farmers market and one short year later she is actually my friend.  Going stopped by she was home to visit her family and she may help me send some items to Texas for her sister to try in her boutique.  That would be a great outlet for items.  I sold all the girls pies, but they sell themselves, and I am not the best seller on the rest.  One of our regulars was disappointed as there was not sourdough so they will make it for next week.  All in all a good farmers market, I sold more for the first time than they did.

We went on a river float after the farmer's market.  Drama and family came, Bug, Mokie and family and the four of us.  We had a great time but I got my face sunburned.  It was uneventful just a lazy float down the river.  I swam for several miles for that was good exercise for me.  Yogie and Booboo swam with me for part of the trip, they did have their life jackets on as it is the law, it did help them learn about currents.  They were surprised to find out as we talked and swam along that I had taught Goofy, Bug and Mokie to swim.  Funny how it was a matter of fact that I taught them but such a surprise that I taught the older kids.  Our float trip and the rodeo tickets were all in honor of Yogie's birthday that is coming on Tuesday.  She will be the big double digit this year.  She, Booboo and I are going to go on a girlie day on her birthday. 

We got home from the rafting trip shortly before the rodeo was to start.  Son ran out of gas and Poppie had to help him get gas.  Mokie's car had a problem and she left it along side of the road,  Poppie wanted to go tow it home right away but Mokie and Son didn't want to make us late for the Rodeo so decided to collect it after the rodeo.  The rodeo was great, we actually got there and our seats were right by Vegas's and her families, such a wonderful surprise.  Her mom and dad were there as well.  Her mom had had a major illness this spring so this was one of her first outings.  It was nice to see her out and about, she seemed to enjoy being out on a special night with her daughter.  The rodeo was good, two guys actually rode the bulls, sometime no one does so when they do it is a better rodeo.  We came home and they went to collect Mokie's car.  It had been towed so Mokie was not happy, the Sheriff's office had called a couple times but couldn't find them so had it towed.  Not a good end to a nice long day. 

Cubbie and Boy spent the night they are to go to Church with us this morning. Cubbie is excited, Boy is more reserved but I am sure excited.  Bubbles will get to spend the morning one on one with her dad, a good thing.  Off to awake kids and feed them before we are off to worship the Lord... tomorrow.

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