Saturday, August 18, 2012

9/11 cross, Farmers market, controversy is a part of life.

I was watching Fox this week and saw an interesting segment.  It was about the museum that is going to be put up as a memorial to 9/11.  Apparently their is a Cross, well a section of abstract girders if you believe the atheists, but anyway.  There is a Cross that was found in the wreckage of the twin towers, when it was found it brought great comfort to the people on the sight, one and all.  It is a section of the girders that once held that majestic building up.  It was damage, destroyed and molded into a beautiful cross that became a cross because of the spiritual oneness it brought the survivors, the responders and all involved on sight during those first horrible days.  Now 10 years later the museum is trying to gather pertinent historical artifacts together to commemorate that day.  I had never heard of the Cross before as I was not on sight and only got to see the wreckage at ground zero through the eyes of the liberal media.  I really would have liked to have heard about the Cross back then when my heart broke for the people who had lost so much that day, those in the towers, those of us who watched in horror all over this country and the future children that now have this as a page of their history.  I do recall the Lord sending me a vision of his hand holding the buildings in a staying position for those precious minutes in time that they stood.  My vision saw God's hand holding the building up as some escaped down ward and some walked to heaven up his arm, all blessed by God.  I still would like to paint my vision but have not drawn or painted it to this point.  Anyway.  I would have liked to have known about the Cross, it would have brought me comfort.  I only know about the Cross now because of an atheist court proceeding.  They have decided that like with  the Statue of Jesus on Big Montana that it must go.  I do so wonder why the atheist run around defiling the icons of Christians with their petty law suits.  I have come to the determination that we all are not upholding our God given right, and the rights of American, to take some one to court for displaying an icon in public if it bothers our sensitivities.  We, Christians, are missing the boat, as atheist believe in nothing and their icon is nothing, then every courthouse in the land has one of their monuments out front.  We should all demand equal representation.  Why should we be allowing their display of nothingness to so influence our children and direct our innocent children's mind like as to brainwash them into believing that the display of nothingness is more important to their lives than the 10 commandments or a statue of someones representation of the Lord Jesus.  Why should we have to take down our commandments and statues but the derisive atheist be allowed to flaunt their icon of nothingness right there in front of the courthouse? in front of other public buildings? the parks? and they are so disruptive as to have had the audacity to establish their displays of nothingness along side our Crosses at the our various Churches, shouldn't we have the right to display our Cross without them sullying our places of worship with their trophies to nothingness, shouldn't they have to remove the nothingness that occupies those places where no Crosses, no statues and no displays of the commandments are allowed to be? There are no icon you say, well what could possible be a more fitting and presumptuous display of atheism in front of a courthouse than that big area of nothing? The atheist have won out, why oh, why should they be allowed that repugnant display of nothing?  We demand our equal time and equal display.

The farmers market was nice today, the same regulars.  This afternoon I got a call regarding the farmers market asking me to participate in something that I may believe is partially right and partially not right, I voiced my opinion that I could not hurt the creator and that I felt consideration for the founder was more important than the idea being put forth.  I was sad that there is a conflict but that sometimes people are more important than business consideration and good intentions.  The good of the one is sometimes as valid as the good of the all,  didn't Jesus leave the 99 to search for the one? I know that the person doing the asking did not understand my side or thought I was misguided but I am trying

Controversy is truly part of our daily lives as humans, we daily decide to heed the call of the Lord or Satan, and if that isn't controversial I don't know what is.   We try to live a simple basic life here but controversy calls to us at every corner.  Controversy usually demands a decision of the people that it touches,  the question or the quest is how do you reply to the controversial things and events you are faced with every day?  Do you answer as Christ might have?  Do you even try?  Does it matter?  Oh, yes, I would say it does.  I pray that you follow your heart and it leads you to the choices that Jesus would have chosen.... tomorrow.

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